Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on Bridge to Terabithia

Did we REALLY need to be so heartless?

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  1. The Mysterious M

    Are your crossover videos fair game for this “Real NC thought” series? If so, please do “The Wiz”

  2. Real thoughts on Timothy Green? I’m especially curious since you said that was the movie that got you back into doing the Nostalgia Critic.

    I think stories that deal with death are a valuable resource for children. For some kids the stories are their first exposure to death, and they often have a negative reaction because it scares them. But there are plenty of kids who experience death and loss and tragedy at a young age. For them the stories give them an outlet to explore their emotions and characters that they can relate to because they are going through the same thing.

  3. Or you can watch the 1985 TV movie version of the book. I watched it when I had to read the book in elementary school. It is a bit slower paced, but I did liked it better then the new one. Oh, and the monsters coming from reality is from the book, it is not the director’s idea.

  4. Jess is actually based on the author’s son and Leslie is based on his childhood friend who was struck by lightning climbing on some rocks on the beach. So I’m glad they were able to do the ending justice to the book.

  5. Love these real thoughts segments guys. I would love to see real thoughts on Pearl Harbor. I have watched every NC and that one is one of the few times Doug seems actually angry as apposed to comic angry.

  6. The director of this is named Gabor Csupo who is Hungarian from Budapest, Hungary yeah the Rugrats Guy.

  7. Funny story I never saw the movie because the ads made it seem like another Harry Potter want to be and not until I saw your review did I find out it was nothing like that. I was oh shit they killed the kid that must have been fun for the parents on the ride home.

  8. You white American kids cursed like sailors since the 1980s and even before that, wow you Americans probably had and still have the fucking dirtiest mouths in the whole world, second the British, third maybe us Russians today or Germans.

  9. I’d never actually read the book and had no knowledge of it going in.

    What cause me to utterly hate and despise this film was the trick marketing, as the trailers made this out like a Narnia style fantasy film…and then it turned out to be a straight drama with the stuff from the trailer essentially being dream sequences..and a very minor part of the film too.

    Ultimately I suppose the trailer had the intended effect, as I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise, but…this film is on my list of “Utter hatred will never ever watch again”

  10. Wow. Desperate to drive ad revenue up? What’s next? Rob and Doug ramble into a camera…oh wait.

  11. Are you guys broke? Please, more videos of you rambling at the camera.

  12. I’m guessing you guys are probably gonna do a Real Thoughts on Judge Dredd some time later on.

  13. I sometimes feel that I was overlysheltered. Both of you made an interesting comment about being 80s kids. I was born in ’81, but I didn’t cuss and stuff when young and didn’t have much exposure to “bad language” either. My parents didn’t use bad language (and if they did, they didn’t do so in front of me) and most of the movies and shows I watched during those years (elementary school-aged) were usually kid-friendly or family-friendly.

    That aside, I’ve never read the book, but heard of it. Never saw this movie either, but watched the NC’s review of it. The part where Leslie died reminded me of that part in My Girl when what’s her face found out about Culkin’s character’s death and then her reaction at the funeral and then finding out that her teacher was getting married…just wow. She should’ve exploded. lol Anyway, I really wish I had read the book as a kid. Hearing about Rob reading it in his 4th grade class brought back memories of how we used to read out loud in class. It was always fun…but that book, I’m sure it would’ve been really interesting.

    Oh, as for a movie I wouldn’t mind hearing your true opinions on…hm…how about Ghost D—-*gets pummeled* Okay, never mind. lol How about Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.

  14. I kinda didn’t like the book but I too was in a slump when Leslie died. I was very depressed for a week after that, but one aspect of a book does not save it. All-in-all the book was a bore.

  15. I hated this film because I went to see a cutesy kid fantasy movie called “Bridge to Terabithia”. Um… Yeah. Obviously it was never on any curriculum anywhere I heard of it.

  16. This is totally off topic, but does anyone else see the face in the lamp? o.o

  17. could you guys give us your thoughts on the last Airbender

  18. brittany*i*heart*disney

    one of the things from the book that has always stayed with me was that when the boy meets her for the first time she is such a tomboy that at first he isnt even sure if she is a boy or girl. she is supposed to have a boyish hair cut and look almost like a boy. its not until she starts talking that he figures it out. i just felt like they should have tried to stay true to the book a bit more. i know you have to change th

  19. Fuck you, Rob! I WAS one of those kids who was expecting a Narnia-esque fantasy and then got..that. only I was a teenager so I was more pissed off than like, traumatized or something. but I have hated this movie ever since.

  20. Catwoman. I would really like to hear what you really think about this movie.

    And Star Trek, the Slow Motion Picture…still my favourite Review you ever did

  21. I love to see a Simpsons movie Review and your real thoughts on it. In dedication to Sam Simon the co-creator of the show.

  22. While I didn’t hate it as well, I sure didn’t like it either. But I think I wouldn’t have disliked it as much if the trailers weren’t misleading. The trailers made it sound like ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ meets ‘The Goonies’ (or at least that’s how I took it when I saw the trailers). But then I watch the movie and I became immediately disappointed that it was all just made-up within these kids’ heads. Now, I don’t mind and would have been onboard with it, but I was so interested in what I originally thought this movie was going to be that I couldn’t help but be disappointed by it. The whole film was boring. The only part I actually felt had potential was when the girl died. Other than that, this film just had nothing for me to like.

    Also, can you guys do Hook next?

  23. I was just wondering what your true thoughts on Sharknado were.

  24. I really like these videos. Here is a list of movies I would like to see Doug and Rob talk about:

    – Space Jam (1996): I know a lot of people like this movie, but I don’t. It was Warner Bros.’s first attempt to “modernise” the great Looney Tunes characters which opened the door to some really awful “re-interpretations” (aka. sell outs) such as “Baby Looney Tunes” and “Loonitics Unleashed”. “Animaniacs” and “Back in Action” are the only two modern interpretations to properly represent the characters, even though the live-action portion of BIA is strained at best. I worked at a primary school once and was talking to a little girl about Bugs Bunny; she had never heard who he was, and it’s all thanks to these awful “re-interpretations”. Space Jam killed the characters in my eyes and they have never fully recovered. If you like the movie fine, more power to you, but please do yourself a favour and check out the wonderful, original cartoons by Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, Bob Clampett and company. I want to see if Doug thinks the same thoughts on the film.

    – Patch Adams (1998); Doug claimed this was one of the worst movies he’s ever seen, I want to see if his opinion has changed after the tragic passing of Robin Williams.

    – Eight Crazy Nights (2002); Doug claimed at a convention that aside from “Garbage Pail Kids” this was the worst movie he had to sit though; that sounds like and interesting one to talk about.

  25. Could you talk about Purge Anerchy or the upcoming Beauty and the beast movie?

  26. Steve the Pocket

    Sadly, Disney sold off Miramax in, like, 2010 I think, and has all but abandoned the Touchstone brand as well, so even if someone at Disney realizes that a certain book they want to make into a film doesn’t fit the Disney brand, it’s more likely that they’ll just not do it at all.

  27. A great example of a gritty movie that talked like actual kids do (for the time period anyway) was Stand By Me. Even death with death, abiet in different way.

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