Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On – Christmas with the Kranks

One of the worst Christmas movies, or THE worst Christmas movie?

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  1. My parents enjoy this movie. Lord only knows why, but it unfortunately means that I have to see at least some of it every year. *sigh* Why must cable tv show this piece of shit?

  2. Austin Pendleton is the actor. I can’t believe you mentioned “What’s Up Doc?” I don’t ever remember hearing anyone ever mention that film. It’s great.

  3. It really says something when movie characters who are unrepentant murderers are more likeable than the characters in a Christmas “comedy”.

  4. another one of tweedle-dee and tweedle-dums attempts to talk over one another committed to video.

  5. Yeah, the oddest thing happened. The day that this review came out, I went to a friend’s house and he had JUST finished seeing Christmas with the Kranks and thanks to the review, I was able to know what he was talking about! LOL. I love coincidences sometimes. Also, I’m a Christian and I don’t even celebrate Christmas so meh.

  6. I love the comment about Christianity. Yeah, religious relevance! Anyway, I remember Roger Ebert reviewing this movie and hating it. I should have known you’d review this sooner or later. I love that thing at the end. It was probably the best part.

  7. Austin Pendleton.

  8. That actor’s name you seek is Austin Pendleton.

  9. Rapsittie Street Kids Believe in Santa is worse in my opinion.

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