Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: Congo

Tim Curry, Ernie Hudson, and Bruce Campbell? How can this go wrong?

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  1. Any movie that kill Bruce Campbell, just can be Garbage.


      It’s winning a poll on IGN out of all the movies with American in the title…Yyeah…what the fuck?

      I know Doug at least hates this,and I think it would be a review on par with The Matrix reviews.
      It has some similarities…how it aged like absolute shit,i remember going back to it only 3 years after it released and it was already aged.That’s gotta be the corniest,most embarassing,and by today’s standards CREEPIEST and repugnant movie to have fans

  2. The Mysterious M

    As bad as the gorillas looked, I like how upfront and honest the filmmakers always were as to why they went with traditional effects

  3. The Mysterious M

    And Once Upon a Time

  4. I really don’t understand why Hollywood insists on rewriting Micheal Crichton’s books. OK So it worked out for Jurassic Park {though I personally am not a fan of that movie} but then you look at Congo, Timeline and The Lost World which were all torn apart!

    In fact the only Crichton book where the movie improved on it was Eaters of the Dead {The 13th Warrior} and that’s because the book was tbh awful!
    They couldn’t fail and gave us a pretty good fantasy movie {in a genre that wasn’t exactly replete with good movies!}.

    I’d love for one of the big studios to put some real effort into both adapting the likes of Prey, State of Fear & Airframe and remaking the likes of Congo and Timeline closer to the original books!

    P.S. If you haven’t already reviewed Timeline can you please add it to your list!

  5. On btw I had no problems with the Gorilla costumes or Amy’s voice.

  6. I don’t know what it says about me but I only saw “CONGO” once and yet I remember every scene and every detail of the film…WHY CAN’T I HAVE THIS ABILITY IN MY NORMAL LIFE!

  7. Do a Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on Independence Day!!!

  8. I remember I was about 14 when I saw this movie. My friends and I kept calling the film Shlongo.

    When we went to finally see it, I walked up to the girl behind the counter, and said, “One for Shlongo,” by mistake. My friends and I then cracked up.

    The girl behind the counter seemed only mildly amused.

    To this day, I can’t stop thinking of the movie as Shlongo. I hope there was a porn parody with that name. I guess it’s up to Brad Jones to cover it if there was one.

  9. You know what would be a cool role for Ernie Hudson in a superhero movie, T’Chaka the father of T’Chala and the holder of the the Black Panther mantle before his son took over, I could totally see him selling the regal sophisticated king who you not only respect him for his character, but also because you’re intimidated by this former asskicker

  10. Still waiting on Jeff Goldblum Month. C’mon guys, make it happen.

    ‘Congo’? Yeah, great B movie. Lousy A movie.

  11. I’ve never seen this movie. Heck, I didn’t know that this movie was based on a book. Wait, was Ernie Hudson Ursula’s father on Once Upon A Time? I wouldn’t have liked Jurassic Park if the characters had been douchebags. It rarely works for me.

  12. Spartacus Ryuuou

    actually i believe amy runs off with the gorillas in the book. she isn’t ‘set free’ but runs off on her own. i remember an epilogue with her child running up to the guy and signing.

  13. I think no one can argue that the apes in Rise and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movies are more realistic than the apes in Congo.

  14. I love this movie. I loved it back when I was a kid and now I own it on BluRay. I pop it in a few times a year and enjoy the heck out of it. The music is fantastic, I enjoy all the different characters, and the bad ass diamond rock lasers and mythical man-eating gorillas. Now I’ll have to go watch it.

  15. I do believe in the books the Bruce Campbell character and Laura Linley character were either dating or engaged. Like you guys i haven’t read it since the mid 90’s. Also i think Campbell character was also the guy in charge’s son in the book.
    Main thing i dislike about the movie is it left out allot of pretty big things. One of the biggest in that the apes were trained by man to protect the city and kill would-be intruders . Then the people all died out, and the apes continued the training/ tradition over all the years. Plus the apes used stone maces to smash people heads in, not just their arms. That was another thing that bothered me. There was a reason eyeballs went a flying.
    Yeah there are many flaws this movie has, but if they included some of the stuff that got cut, it could have been better. Jurassic Park at least had the visuals to carry the movie on and make it good, despite that allot of good shit was cut/changed from it. Love Stan Winston and all the magic he and his crew has created over the years, but the visuals in the flick, are no Rick Baker in terms of monkey making.

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