Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on – Freddy vs Jason

Did Doug and Rob get into the biggest monster fight ever, or did it scare up nothing?

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  1. I’m with Doug in regards to Captain Picard’s misrepresentation in First Contact. He was totally out of character, what with murdering crew members who had been assimilated as if there was no hope for them, when he himself had been fully rehabilitated after his stint as Locutus. It is a fun, dumb action movie tho.

    • I’m not!
      Contrary to popular belief the TNG team didn’t have that many encounters with The Borg. (Voyager had a bunch) There were really only two more Borg episodes after The Best of Both Worlds (though one was a two-parter.) In the former I, Borg, it was clear Picard was still suffering from bad memories of his assimilation. More importantly, he planned on using a lone Borg captive as a carrier for what was essentially a virus with the expressed intent of destroying the entire collective. Was that any more out of character than his actions in First Contact? When you consider he has to go the rest of his life knowing the Borg used him to kill hundreds if not thousands, is it really hard to imagine were days he wished his own crew he’d just killed him at that time?

      • Yes, but in that same episode, Picard ultimately decides that eliminating the borg with the virus would be highly unethical, as they are living beings with a right to exist. He was still able to show compassion to these beings that stripped him of his humanity and forced him to do unspeakable things. Picard just seemed a little too vengeful and angry in FC for someone who is often portrayed as an enlightened intellectual. And he called Worf a coward! WTF?

      • ThereAreFourLights

        For the record, the death count for the encounter at Wolf 359 was almost 11,000. 39 ships destroyed.

    • Picard was ‘rehabilitated’ after careful and specialized surgery–something decisively not available for the redshirts that got hit with nanoprobes, and also bear in mind each one soon becomes another drone to infect even more of the crew–most of them had no chance of being taken to sickbay, which was soon taken over anyway. Picard knew well what assimilation entailed and, given that everything was going to hell, there wasn’t much choice.

      Really, it was Worf who was out of character in FC, as he was actually useful. 😉

      • I originally wasn’t going to come back to this, but after rewatching Linkara’s review of STFC comic adaptation, several things came back to me. First was Picard’s response in I’Borg to the suggestion it was wrong to use an individual to kill off the whole collective was to holler “IT’S NOT A MAN! IT’S A BORG.” Not exactly what I’d call enlightened. Than after he ultimately changes his mind, he express regret at the possibility that one act of mercy may have just allowed the Borg to cause even more assimilation, death, and destruction. “I could have rid the Federation of an eminent threat and I let him go!”

        Also RD, I would have the one out of character for being useful was Troi. Even if it did involved getting drunk.

  2. let me guess, the no beard thing is for a future review…

    • I think he shaved it so he use a Halloween costume like he did last time. I thought the dumbest thing about this was how Freddy only got a single kill. Seriously, no joke about that? That girl had many kills as him! Wait, Dipper and Mabel turned 13 in the last episode. They’re old enough for Jason to kill them!

  3. For the record, not that it really matters, no Jason has never shown a “fear of water” in the previous films. Actually just the opposite. On multiple occasions across several entries he goes INTO the lake to kill people. The closest we get to a fear of the water moment is the end of part 8 he says “mommy don’t let me drown” when the toxic waste starts coming at him. So you can view this as Freddy is attacking Jason in his head where his fear is OR they just pulled it out of their butt for the film.

  4. This actually does tie into the Jason movies. Jason Goes to Hell ended with Jason in, well, Hell, and this picks up with him there. Jason X takes place later. They don’t really try to link it up with Freddy’s Dead or New Nightmare, though.

    I actually don’t mind this movie. It helps that I’ve read several canned scripts for the project, and they were all horrible, so much so that this looks like Shakespeare by comparison.

  5. I’ve never seen a Nightmare on Elm Street movie. Everything that I know about Freddie Kruger are from various Channel Awesome videos. LOL. Although, when I was looking up this movie online while watching this video, I just realized that the black girl in this movie was FRIGGIN Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child. What the heck?! So random.

  6. That is a good discussion. Can a movie seem better by changing the films name?

  7. Sean the Xenomorph

    Now you know you’ll have to do AvP at some point

  8. Hi Doug I really enjoy your reviews, what inspired you to start channel awesome?

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