Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on Ghostbusters 2

Yeah the sequel got a lot of hate when it came out, but did it get better over time? Doug and Rob discuss Ghostbusters 2.

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  1. Ghostbusters II was the Vary First one I saw before I saw the cartoon Show So it was hard for me to compare it for a while until I saw the first movie I Did love the GBII it was a Good film but it has its flues and what you said I really agreed with it suffered from Squeal Ides it was as if they were afraid to try new stuff so they stayed with the formula and Video was just a whinny little Baby if they had made a Third flim it would have been Great because the Script for the Ghostbusters Game was the Third Film that Dan wrote years ago and just modify it for GB The video game so we will see in the future lets hope the Animated Movie coming out next year dose better then that FUCKING BITCH AS C#$%@ Reboot

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