Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: Osmosis Jones

Is it as bad on the inside as it is on the outside?

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  1. i guess they’ve never heard of the animated series

  2. Heart-Lightning

    It sounds like you guys would have liked the animated series “Ozzy and Drix” instead. Here’s why:

    1. No live action whatsoever
    2. Osmosis Jones and Drix get transported off of Frank (by Mosquito) and into a 13 year old boy named Hector
    3. It works off of such things a puberty, growing up and even drugs on how they can affect the body
    4. It’s slightly less violent than the movie so it doesn’t go full blown Thrax

    It’s only 26 episodes (2 seasons) and I believe it was WAY better than the original source material.

    • Same. I’ve never seen the movie and seeing some bits of it in review…I wouldn’t have enjoyed it…because of life action and the gross scenes there. Like the zit or vomiting. It doesn’t do anything much to the story. And as much as I like Bill, a sweating and dirty , irresponsible middle-aged man….is not eye pleasing. It doesn’t flow with the rest of the movie…he is played for laughs but his story is like out of one of those more serious dramas.

    • Oddworld Inhabitant

      Personally, I thought Thrax was the best part of the movie.

      The series had its’s high points (Tom Curry as the personification of nicotine and a prominent female who isn’t a love interest), and some… less high points (the insufferable kid mayor and the oddly somewhat sexist two-part episode where Jones gets pulled into a girl and enters an entirely feminine world that has only one male, highly fay cell who hates being a man in a woman’s body and tries to kill the girl). Stacking everything up next to each other, I’d say it broke about even; better than a lot of cartoon adaptations of movie, but that’s not saying much.

    • I won’t go singing its praises, but after seeing the review of the movie I think Ozzy and Drix probably deserves its own Was That Real? episode here. The show improved on the movie enough to not be a complete disaster, and it was still definitely weird enough to be featured in a WTR.

    • I saw the Ozzy and Drix series before the movie and I liked it a lot more.

  3. A remake of Garbage Pail Kids produced by Bubsy, what could possibly go wrong?

  4. I only saw this one a couple of times years ago. I agree with Doug and Rob, the animated parts are pretty decent, the live action though…..not so much. I’m kinda surprised Bill Murray was able to bounce back from that lol.

  5. I only saw this movie for the first time a couple of years ago but I remember watching the spin-off show “Ozzy & Drix” way before this, I think that if I had seen the movie first I may have actually liked it but watching the frankly superior series first it actually made the movie unbearable by comparison. After hearing the parts and the kind of things you liked about the movie you should definitely check out the first couple of episodes of the series and tell us what you think of that as well.

  6. Oddworld Inhabitant

    11:35 Not that I’m all that invested in defending the live action parts of the movie, but, if I remember correctly, he joined the zoo because the bad press so tarnished his name the only job he could get was the zoo one, which he only got because his brother already worked their and pulled some strings. Apparently getting an embarrassing picture taken of you is equivalent to be a released 1st degree murderer in terms of ruining your job prospects in “Jones” land.

  7. Late Nakagawa Ryou

    I still say it’s entirely possible that the writers of Inside Out thought that stuff up on their own, or at least found inspiration elsewhere. As clever as those ideas were, they’re not SO clever that the only explanation is they ripped off Osmosis Jones.

    • I don’t think they directly stole from this film. In the same year as Osmosis Jones (precedes it by a good few months actually) Fairly Oddparents did a similar gag episode where Timmy crawls into Vicky’s head and she has control slots for all her emotions (Kindness never showed up to work, and all those gags), and Timmy takes direct control and a LOT of the same points, much more so like Inside Out than this movie.

      I recall hearing the “original” take on this dates to like, the 70s. But I can’t remember where I heard that/saw it but, it’s clear that it predates the year 2000. I’m just more shocked Doug and Rob don’t know about it.

    • I don’t even think they knew they were ripping them off. They probably remembered a couple of scenes and forgot they were from an ok mediocre movie.

  8. I knew it! I knew they didn’t think it was as bad as that. Sometimes you can just tell. I’m glad it wasn’t just my own like of this movie. (Liking a movie doens’t mean I think it’s good, mind you.)

  9. It’s interesting how the Farely Brothers had, like, four good movies in them, and then nothing.

  10. i think most of the fanbase comes from the animated series they did as a spinoff if have fond memories of it myself well i have very few memories of the movie that started it all. the live action scenes where so bad that when they made a spinoff series they had a mosquito take them out of frank and into a teenage child. and it turned out much better. they even managed to do decent psa’s. to sum up the animated series was much better and the live action stuff sucked so bad they didn’t even want the same character for the animated spinoff.

  11. They definitely need to look at Ozzy & Drix. That show was actually good. Bit lazy when they reused animation from the movie, but hey, can’t go wrong with Tim Curry as Nick O’Teen.

  12. I really like all the animated parts of the movie but the real life parts can go to hell why cast Bill Murray when you are not going to let him do anything funny and you should really do a episode about the Ozzy & Drix spin off cartoon because it handles the concept way better

  13. I was part of the online fanbase back when the film first came out, and trust me, no one liked the live action stuff. It’s like the first rule of Fight Club.

  14. A remake would be cool. Thrax had a nice design so it makes me wonder what other illnesses would look like.

  15. I can’t wait for the behind the seens of this one just to see how they did the inside out parts

  16. I’m glad that you guys had some praise to give this movie. Like I said on the comment section of the NC video itself, this movie was one of the ones that I saw the most as a kid. Yes, parts of it are widely inappropriate but I didn’t completely understand that as a kid. Also, Thrax in this movie was one of the first true villains. He didn’t have a soft side and he wasn’t misunderstood. He didn’t have a pet parrot, you know? He was a villain.

  17. Bill Murray is one of your favourite characters because you’re as old as I am, and you saw him in Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, Caddyshack and so on. He was funny, but even then mostly if he had someone to work off of. Bill Murray hasn’t been funny in years now. Look at his performance in the Ghostbusters video game, the one that got the script for the theoretical third movie. He sleepwalks through that performance, as he has for years.

  18. I also want to point out that I had totally forgotten Bill Murray was even in the film. before you review. Sure, I remembered there were some real life parts, but it was so indistinct I was confused when I saw Murray.

  19. Honestly, that zit popping scene is one of the most disgusting things from my childhood, and its the only thing i remember about the movie. Thanks for leaving such an impression on Farley brothers.

  20. I just remembered liking the animation and hating the gross stuff… the zit popping…UGH….

  21. I watched a bit of this movie in my 9th grade health class a few months ago and I also thought it reminded me of the Magic School Bus.

  22. Ryan Dewitt-Todd

    You should do your real thoughts on:

    “Drop Dead Fred”

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