Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on Patch Adams

A well meaning comedy turns into a clumsy operation, but how did it happen? Doug and Rob take a look.

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  1. Safe spaces are a joke now. They were supposed to be so you don’t say racist, sexist, or offensive stuff, but they’ve been corrupted by those who just want to protect their fucking egos

    • Not necessarily. I never thought of it as a place where nothing bad is said. It’s more of a ‘space where you can ignore problems for a while’. Like, gaming or watching a movie, stuff like that. Or that’s how I interpreted/used the phrase.

  2. I actually *liked* Death to Smoochy & Bicentennial Man. C’mon, I can’t be alone in that.

    Also, speaking of remakes, they’re redoing Jumanji. And part of me doesn’t care because, well, the original still exists. So that’s fine. But on the other hand… *why*? Just do a sequel. And it’s going to star the terrible Jack Black? Good grief…

    • Actually, I think I’ve heard that despite being a reboot, it is actually a squeal. A movie can be a squeal and a reboot at the same time. For example, while Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set in the same continuity of the original films, it’s a reboot in the sense that it focuses on a new group of characters.

  3. I feel like everyone is talking about the election today all of a sudden. Also, Doug, psst! If you want people to be happy, start posting Steven Universe V-logs again, please. ;D And on the poster, I laughed more than I should have.

  4. I’ve been waiting for you to do this ever since you started doing real thoughts videos. If there’s one good thing to come out of this movie, it did raise awareness of the real Patch Addams and his cause, which was the reason he authorized this movie. In fact, your review of the movie might have too! You should probably do a charity shout-out for him some time.

  5. I find it interesting how vocal youtube personalities have become about the election. Historically speaking they’ve been pretty quiet about it. I don’t recall a lot of Obama praise or fear-mongering on channel awesome.

    I don’t remember it while Bush was in power either and it’s fairly safe to assume that people who like Obama were probably not super fans of Bush.

    I’m genuinely curious if channel awesome will be more politically relaxed on all future elections of this is just a special case.

  6. Oh my God Stop Exaggerating and Overreacting just because Donald Trump rightfully won, it ain’t that funny to me, I’m-Pro Donald Trump, at least you two have a “great job.”

    • “Rightfully won” is debatable considering he won because of the electoral college but not the popular vote.

    • “Rightfully won?” Right. There’s this thing called the popular vote. Unlike the broken, outdated system that is the electoral college, the popular vote counts EVERYONE who voted. Look up who won that. Here’s a hint: It wasn’t Trump

  7. At least you bros have a great, prosperous, business. You two should have no beef with Donald Trump, whom he and and his father practically reconstructed New York City for most of the twentieth century. Don’t be so ignorant for the sake of “political jokes” without Fred Trump (1905-1999), there would be no Supermarkets in America. I’m not kidding Supermarkets were this old stock old money German-American’s idea. I for one have no job you guys have, oh I envy you so much.

    • It’s not all about business. It’s about the hateful, atrocious things he’s said about minorities and women. If you think people are upset about him winning simply because of his business practices, you really haven’t been paying attention. If you honestly can’t understand why women or minorities might be afraid of him running the country, I really don’t know what to say to you.

  8. I agree with every word you say here. I saw the trailer from Dreamwork’s Antz (1998).

  9. In fact I always agreed. By the way I remember seeing this movie with my other grandmother, I didn’t understand it much cause I was eight.

  10. “Pika’s List, WTF!”

  11. Who hell did this, really?

  12. Guys in case you didn’t notice not everyone agrees with your leftist view. might want to reconsider before alienating half the population boys.

  13. Actually, the real Patch Adams practices alternative medicine like homeopathy. That has been scientifically proven to be the least effective treatment in existence. We shouldn’t care what he thinks. Helping people is called being a therapist. He labels himself as a doctor and prescribes fake medicine. Oh, and Trump sucks.

  14. GUYS! GUYS! Those actually are the Pokemon names! IN GERMAN!!! Whoever made that print is a fucking genius!

  15. Christopher D. Hampton

    In your review, you mentioned that if the character (loosely based upon the actual Patch Adams) wanted to focus on keeping people at least cheered up, then that’s fine, go be a clown. With that in mind, if you have the spare time, I can pretty much guarantee that kids in hospitals would ADORE a visit from Chester A. Bum. By the way, if this movie and research on the actual Patch Adams ruined this movie even more for you, research on the actual William Wallace will make “Braveheart” look like a movie about Abraham Lincoln, the World War I Confederate Air Force General.

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