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  1. The Scarlet Ninja

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is a big part of my childhood, and being 25 now, I still come back to it frequently to relive that nostalgia. I love it, but I’ll admit…it’s goofy. It’s got action, drama, suspense, but at the center of it is goofiness. I liked this movie when i was a kid, but now I don’t really like it that much, but I still love the show because it brings me back to those days. I still remember pretending to be power rangers with my friends in kindergarten, a tree was Zordon, birds and squirrels were monsters, playground equipment were the zords, and sometimes our teacher would play with us and we pretended she was Rita lol. Those were the days, and I can’t wait to see the movie next year!

    • Same. I love power rangers as a kid. I sorta liked the movie but admit it’s no masterpiece. It’s funny because I also liked (and still do to this day) Suban’s other show, (a power ranger knock off no less) Big Bad Beetle Borgs, which was basically power rangers but only with younger kids instead of teenagers. So they took “What if kids could be a power ranger” concept and made a show that lasted only like maybe two seasons. It was a bit more entertaining when it came to the real world stuff because there were, for one kids so it was less the drama stuff and two, the kids would go to this haunted mansion and there would be classic movie monsters chasing the kids because they wanted to eat them and the ghost they freed, who granted them their powers had to protect the kids at times from them. And sometimes it wouldn’t focus on the kid characters, it would often focus on the monsters and weirdness in sued. But yeah, loved power rangers, still watch it for nostalgia reasons yet do realize it was a cheesy as cheese can be kinda show.

      • The Scarlet Ninja

        I freaking loved Beetle Borgs as a kid too! Yes, the monsters of the show were where the comedy gold was, I especially loved Flabber! I don’t think that show had any kind of real conclusion though, at least not one that I am aware of, it’s been so long since I’ve seen the show. And that’s really the reason Power Rangers has stuck with me for so long. I used to watch a lot of tv shows, and while they might have been good and i remember some things about them, Power Rangers is just one of those shows that will stick with me til the day I die, while others will fade from my memory.

  2. The funny thing is, even though the Japanese version of this series didn’t have a kid who grew upon transforming, the Japanese version of what we knew as the “white ranger” was exactly that. But hey, it’s basically the same as captain marvel/thunder/shazam.

  3. daniel joker 94

    Will you guys please do one of these for stephen king?

  4. Go! Go! Power Rangers.
    You need to be in the right age.

    • The urban legend that Turbo nearly killed Power Rangers is completely false!

      Yes, it’s true that the first half of Turbo suffered from low ratings, but that was from a two-year ratings decline that had plagued the franchise since the third season of Mighty Morphin’ in late 1995, and made even worse by one of its spin-offs, Big Bad Beetleborgs, crushing Zeo in late 1996.

      In fact, after the change of cast in “Passing the Torch” and the Phantom Ranger saga both took place in the second half of Turbo in late 1997, the show’s ratings started to improve for the first time in two years.

      On top of that, the old Power Rangers (Tommy, Kat, Adam, & Tanya) were becoming adults. Yes, teenagers DO have some responsibilities and problems, but nothing compared to adulthood, which means REAL responsibilities such as getting a job and paying bills. These are things teenagers lack, which makes them ideal Power Rangers. If there’s a monster attack, they don’t have to make up some random excuse and risk their jobs to step out. It’s possible for them to go into space and leave their seemingly non-existent parents behind. Teenagers makes sense. Not terribly much sense, I’ll grant you, but we all get the logic. And honestly, the replacements (T.J., Cassie, Carlos, & Ashley) are no worse than the first team of Power Rangers (Jason, Zack, Trini, Billy, & Kimberly) were when they were first chosen by Zordon. Hell, Billy couldn’t even fight for shit back then, and they still picked him up.

      • It would be hilarious to see Adult Power Rangers having to come up with legit-sounding excuses to skip work and using fighting monsters as an excuse for putting off doing their taxes. Seriously, that sounds like an awesome idea, lol!

  5. The first power rangers movie was a guilty pleasure for me and the second one oh my god one hour and twelve minutes we finally got to see power rangers in action “it was booooring.

  6. I live this silly show… Especially when Ultron (but actually scary one) takes over the Earth, kills 99% of the planet, kidnaps people to force them to work in warmachine factories and turn them into army of mindless cyborgs. You know! For kids!

    • So then something like Sonic (SatAM)? Eghm.. what would happened with kids if they would see blood like in Japanese one! LOL

      • funny thing is that Sentai which was based of was about friendship between people and talking cars :P.

        I belive if they would see some blood it wouldn’t hurt that much as showing someone burn alive… which they did.

        • Of course not that Go-onger was a parody LOL

          And some burning alive or mass death scenes are in most Sentai, after all those aren’t kid-flick but family superhero show with large otaku audience. I’m sick of idiots who believe that Power Ranger was ever more edgy.. with exception of parodies of course.

          • and that wierd reaction… Japanese audience belived that Samurai is more mature than Shinkenger (not joke)

          • If you repeat something then do at least correct quote. There is small niche group of Power Rangers fanboys in Japan who share that opinion. Most of Japanese and Western fans of both series obviously disagree with that. But of course you always find that one guy who mistake style with maturity. That Sentai have typically more colors and humor don’t make it less mature. Most Power Ranger series still have more childish and overly bombastic plot, what don’t have any sense and cohesion.

  7. Going by cast and (more importantly) director interviews, I always got the impression that Haim Saban (the madman/genius behind the whole thing) was Uwe Bolling it. That is, he was inspred by the japanese show and wanted to make it fun and good, but never realized just how bad it was at times.

  8. Sonic Underground?

  9. I think I was 10 or 11 when power rangers came out, and even back then I though it was a silly show.

  10. The Mysterious M

    As a kid in the mid-to-late 90s and early 2000s, I only really remember watching Mighty Morphin’, Turbo, and In Space. The really liked the shows’ was the villains– Rita (and I actually prefer the badly dubbed stock footage to the decently dubbed actress), Lord Zedd, etc etc.

    And while I will agree with most fans that Turbo was quite possibly (again, based only on what I have watched) the worse incarnation of the series, the ONLY reason I liked Turbo was the villains, while not threatening, she is just hysterical.

  11. Three Degrees of Bacon

    Random fun fact: the whole Blue Ranger kid thing in the second movie? Japan did that with the source material White Ranger seen in the first movie.

    • Fact, but Japan have right to that.. and people commonly forget that Kou was at least half Gouma, and after some time of irritating people he start to have decent drama plot.

  12. I remember watching the news as a kid and there being talks to take power rangers off the air somewhere back in the ’90s, because in playgrounds so many kids would beat the everloving shit out of each other playing power rangers.

    good times.

  13. just saying in japan the white ranger was a kid

  14. I’m probably older than both you guys and I love Power Rangers. But the movies…. eeeeeeehhhhhh.

    The first one is “okay,” for all of its mass produced, overly Hollywoodness, it at least isn’t insultingly bad.

    Turbo, a Power Rangers Movie, on the other hand… welll, I’m just gonna say, for a movie called “Turbo” it’s damn slowly paced. It wasn’t until after Turbo that they even started trying to give the audience something vaguely seriously, though.

  15. SailorRustyBacon

    Commenting on their tangent comments again, at 10:10: Love Rob’s impression of the Japanese kid from Gamera (let’s call him “Kenny”), somehow turning him German! Kinda hoping for another synchronized “Um” again. XD

  16. TragicGuineaPig

    “Fox is good at plugging their shows.”

    *Ahem!* “Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand…”

  17. See, I’m at the age where I went both crazy for TMNT and Power Rangers. Though I never got a Power Rangers camera that put a Ranger stamp on every picture.

  18. I was 3 years old when Power Rangers first aired, I am now 24 years old and I still love it to this day. I may not watch it as much, but I still love it. I grew up aorund Ninja Turtles, Pro Wrestling, X-Men, Batman, Superman, so many awesome cartoons and shows. I was blessed to have been born when I was. Kids today have such terrible shows…..

  19. I’m guessing they have no real opinion on how they’re doing a reboot of Power Rangers with a more adult tone to it. Although, I thought they would’ve mentioned the short fanmade Power Rangers movie, especially since Doug did mention it on his facebook, though didn’t say much other than he wasn’t a fan of Power Rangers but after seeing the video said “DANG!” (my clean version of the word he said lol). I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Power Rangers, I realize the movies are bad though. My two favorite Power Rangers are Power Rangers In Space and Power Rangers Time Force, which seems to be something most fans agree with, from what I gather, which is odd, since I usually have unpopular opinions. I think both of them have decent acting (Time Force definitely had great acting in my opinion) and amazing writing. Plus with the In Space version we get the freaking PSYCHO RANGERS! Even as a kid I was OBSESSED with them, to the point where it concerned my mom. But I understand Power Rangers isn’t for everyone but I wouldn’t say it’s bad, well certain seasons are bad, but I think it depends on the seasons and groups. The original was cheesy but was still fun. I definitely can’t wait for the reboot movie and I just hope it doesn’t turn out like the Ninja Turtle movies or the Transformers movies but instead more like how Batman went from the cheesy stuff to The Dark Knight. A way to keep it alive (not that it has any trouble with that, considering IT’S STILL GOING) but also get an adult audience and something for adults that grew up with the shows something to appreciate.

  20. I was about 4 years old when the original Power Rangers series came out. I wasn’t allowed to watch it because my mother thought it was too violent for a child of my age, but I’d secretly change the channel and watch it when no one was around. Never saw the movies, but from what I hear from you guys, I didn’t miss anything. Never saw any of the following seasons. Wasn’t aware it was still a thing going on now until I saw Linkara’s HOPR series.

    I was much more into TMNT at that age anyway. It was my favourite show until I was about 5 or 6 when that changed to Rugrats.

  21. I loved power rangers as a kid and still do as a 27 year old adult. Hell I have the red ranger helmit that has all the shows. The show is silly most of the time,but after mighty morphen it can be serious every once and while. Even showing death.

  22. Aw… nertz. I thought for sure there’d be a little praise directed at Ivan Ooze.

  23. I remember the Howard Stern poster being on the movie theater’s wall.

  24. Agreed. Power Rangers the Movie was a way better movie than Turbo. Turbo was just a corporate shill, but the first one, dammit, that film was trying, it tried its little heart out. It captured the spirit of Power Rangers really well. Also, the “In Case Of Emergency” button still gives me a giggle every now and then.

  25. From what I’ve read of the upcoming film, there’s definitely going to be a Nostalgia Critic review around late 2017.

  26. The Queen has been captured by ninjas.

    Are you gentleMAN enough to rescue the Queen?

  27. My honest opinion, screw Power Rangers. Kamen Rider all the way!!!

  28. I literally hate myself for liking this series when I was young. Especially Pokémon! I cannot believe I used to be in love with both shows. Man does Power Rangers suck!

    By the way, Doug and Rob, can you guys do a review for Pokémon?

  29. I think you guys should do some Super Sentai/Kamen Rider vlogs, as it’s a more darker and serious version of Power Rangers (you know, the source material).

    • I seriously doubt.. they review this movie only as movie. Sentai is too obscure for them, as they do vlogs only of popular shows. Though one of reviewer do vlog about Sentai already, so there is no point in asking that.

  30. Nightmarechs75

    I want to see their real thoughts on Digimon, and Doug review Revenge of Diaboromon. and Doug review every movie from Adventure Tri when it comes out.

    • I can see Real Thoughts on the Digimon movie being a thing, although I don’t think they’ll have much insight about it. But I really doubt they’d review the other films anytime soon. It’s just something from another culture, in a sense, that Doug didn’t grow up with and he’s never watched the show to know and stuff like that…. It’s kind-of amazing he even did the first movie, and even then he needed help for it.

      Tri especially would be out of the question since I assume it’s going to directly tie into the series which Doug never watched instead of being a film about 3 separate plots that can generally stand alone, like the first movie.

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