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  1. i actually did grow up with power ranger the show debuted in Aug 28 1993 and i was born a few days later and i grew up on re-runs so i love the series and am still a fan that being said i did not like the first movie because when i was a kid i did not understand why everything was so different from the way it was so different then it was on tv so many little changes that made no sence to me

  2. “If you were six” Power Rangers debuted when I was six and it was my jam. I stopped watching after the movie in 95.

  3. I’m sure Rob will here this alot. But if the only thing you liked was the costumed fighting with the rubber suited monsters in classic Japanese style, instead of watching Power Rangers, hunt down and watch the Super Sentai series that they “borrowed” all of that footage from. Remember Power Rangers is not a Japanese show. They simply used clips of the cool fighting from several Japanese shows and intercut it with the horrible American teenagers and school scenes. The original Super Sentai stuff is classic. The various series have been running continuously for 30 years. Probably second only to Ultraman for fans of classic TV Kaiju fun. (well OK the Japanese Spiderman with the giant robots and monsters gets extra bonus points.)

  4. I never got into power rangers… My friend was hardcore but he was a few years younger than me and I am a few years younger than doug, I just remember thinking how stupid this show looked LOL… but he liked it so whatever you like what you like. I was into Xena and Hercules.

  5. I may never say this again….. but I really want Michael Bay to do the new movie. and Im talking full blown Bad boys Bay. with the Pain and Gain sensitivity to fans.
    and don’t allow and fan feed back.
    than we can make a Bayverse crossover with transformers power rangers and Ninja turtles/

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