Red Sonja – Nostalgia Critic

Is this Conan tie in as bad as everyone really says it is? Watch this latest Nostalgia Critic review to find out!

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Think of Jackie
Never even heard of this movie until seeing this review. As far as that Mako guy that the Critic was apologizing about at the beginning of the video, I looked at his movie/TV show list and the only thing I’ve seen that I can actually remember his character in is Rugrats in Paris. So that guy is no big deal to me and his name makes me think of Mako Island from H2O: Just Add Water. Top 3 funniest Critic comments are: But then she wakes up to find a mystical… unfinished special effect. I didn’t know Ewoks had geishas… Read more »
Exiles Outcast

Fun Fact;
the little kid (who was in surf ninjas, ninja turtles-2, and also The Rundown) is Ernie Reyes Jr.
Son of Mater Ernie Reyes Sr. who was also in Surf Ninjas & martial arts consultant for stunts in Red Sonja.
Sr. was also was in Street Fighter, & last dragon.

… it’s a martial arts & stunt thing. lol


I just love that at this point he had never heard of Avatar but later it became his favorite show. XD

Jon McKenzie

You could have mentioned that the woman who played the evil queen, Sandahl Bergman, was also in the first Conan movie as one of Arnold’s cohorts who invade the bad guy’s palace. But, that requires research, and God forbid you should do that.


You could have mentioned this fact more politely. But, that requires social skills, and God forbid you should have those.


-This is a silly movie but ok
-Conan are cool movies
-Sonia is suppose to be sluttier
-Lesbians are not sexy dud
-A sexist talisman
-Your joke doesn’t work with the prince cos the ages are to different