Nostalgia Critic: Sailor Moon

What was the secret to Sailor moon’s success?

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  1. I remember watching this back in the 90’s

    The remake is actually a lot better.

  2. Hurray for closeup shots of Doug’s crotch!

  3. I’m a big fan of this review, but seriously, after doing so much on this site… you reeeeeally think the girls who were watching Sailor Moon weren’t also versed in Star Wars?

  4. Thank God Critic hasn’t seen Kiss Players; and I pray he never discovers that horror (I feel sorry for mentioning it).

  5. Even though I agree that Usagi is lazy and scared most of the time, she felt human. A lot of other shows at that time had their main character go all “look at how badass I am!”. So (sadly) I could connect much more with Sailor Moon, because of her flaws. And also I would like to say that the English version isn’t the greatest. Although the Swedish one had it’s weaknesses, we still kept the lesbian love 😉

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