Nostalgia Critic: Short Circuit 1 & 2

In this episode Doug reviews both Short Circuit 1 & 2.

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  1. Never heard of these movies until seeing this review.

    Top 3 funniest Critic comments are:

    This woman’s a toymaker?! She should be on f***ing CSI!

    Did the film just go off its meds or something?

    Never has a battle between a mechanical death machine and a frumpy old fat man seemed so epic.

  2. Then after a short career in the queue area for Star Tours he now spends his days sitting in the raffters of a warehouse at Disney Hollywood Studios (Florida) Right after the special effect water tank they take you inside the warehouse. Just keep looking upwards and you should see him (turned off)

  3. -I like these movies
    -He is a great robot but he is no Wall-E
    -He was hit with a soul it is his power sores
    -A PC is better then a Mac
    -An alternate universe dimension physics are different
    -It is sad to see him die
    -I like the hero song

    The ending is a bit of a cliche

    • – I also like these movies
      – I think there’s room in the universe for Johnny 5 and Wall-E, especially since I still question the “sure I saw Short Circuit but I’m PRETTY SURE it had no influence on me okay well maybe just a little subconsciously but it’s TOTALLY COINCIDENCE that they’re so similar and all”
      – I think there’s room in the universe for PCs and Macs
      – even watching this review, I got a little sad again watching Johnny’s ‘dying’ scenes and got excited at the hero song bit. I was 11 when the movie came out. I was willing and able to believe in a dying, noble, heroic robot. I’m willing to let the 11 year old in me still enjoy those movies.

      – But yes, now that I’m an adult… jesus christ, is Ben Jabituya’s character ever up there with Mickey Rooney for “characters so racist they make any scene they’re in painful to sit through”.

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