Smurfs (2011) – Nostalgia Critic

The Black Nerd joins the Nostalgia Critic to take on one Smurfed up movie. 2011’s The Smurfs is reviewed in this episode.

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  1. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    SWEEEET! I’ve been waiting a week for this!

  2. OMG BLACK NERD!!!!!!!!

    Will my dream of a Doug and Jeremy Jahns crossover finally happen in the future as well?

    • I would actualy like to see a crossover of NC and Bobsheaux, or Hunter, so we have Evilina freaking out because he is a pony xD

    • Excellent review, Doug. Probably my 2nd favorite after the TMNT 2014 review with AVGN. I’m a massive sucker for crossovers and always feel the best NC eps are the ones with guests like AVGN, Dante Basco, etc. Black Nerd looked like he had an absolute blast being in this episode and it shows. 🙂

      I was never a big fan of the Smurfs and they were always something that was on TV during Saturday mornings for me. When I saw the preview of the live action movie, I immediately knew it was going to suck donkey balls. Why does Hollywood think that taking the Smurfs out of their natural habitat and putting them into our world was ever going to be a good idea? I never thought the Smurfs alone would have enough material to make a 90 minute movie and it should have stayed that way.

      Bring Black Nerd back to rip apart the sequel too!

  3. I know I’ve watched this movie, and I can not remember a thing of it. Must be great. Also, hey, Black Nerd.

  4. The Fantastic Four marketers didn’t invent the wording “Fant4stic.” It was also on the comic covers at some point.

  5. This movie came out on my birthday. Fuck my life.

  6. Finally, about time you took this schlock down!

  7. I see the plug for Guru Larry, but not the video for the Nostalgia Critic.

  8. Another great collab, and with Black Nerd too. Awesome all around.

    And don’t complain about jump cuts too much, Jeremy Jahns, Angry Joe, Chris Stuckmann, and many other YouTubers need those to survive!

  9. Oh and the celebrity voices!! Nothing wrong with that, but for non recurring roles couldn’t they have gotten the likes of Tom Kenny, Jeff Bennett, Dee Bradley Baker and Steve Blum?

    They got Frank Welker to voice the cat for crying out loud, so why not just hire other actual voice actors?!

  10. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good review but don’t like how you put in Chester a bum if he doesn’t make more episodes after bum reviews of epic movies coming out in the future I’ll be really mad. Also I’d knew brad be reviewing another adult film since he put in two down and dirty sucks references in two videos in two weeks. Also love that your did an Andre crossover next do a crossover another one with Avgn where you guys fight(that would be very settling for me. I like how you addressed product placement there making movies on pez dispensers and more stuff from my childhood so glad you brought that up. They also made a sequel to this which bombed and that’s why there probably rebooting it. I’d also like to know what other movies commenters think hollywood will make stuff on from there childhood(also hope there will be afar Albert review PLZ!!!)?

  11. Am I the only one who cannot see the damn video of the review?

  12. Please also review The Smurfs 2!

  13. I fucking lost it at Shia LaBeouf.

  14. The review, not the movie…. I don’t want to see the demise of any kittens 🙂

  15. Malcolm, Tamara, why do you still work for the NC? All he does is beat you!

  16. I can only imagine them approaching LaBeouf now with that movie:



  17. Wow. Rarely has a movie ever been SO worthy of a NC review. Follow up comment to come.

  18. I wanna see Pet Rock, now!!

  19. Black Nerd is most of the reason why I’m clicking onto this video.

  20. NC & and Blacknerd

    Onions make you cry and it is established that there is smurf essence in tears. It’s better to make them produce smurf essence then to destroy their bodies or whatever.
    Or is it established in Smurfs 2? It’s in there somewhere I know it.

    Anyway the guy who played Gargamel owned it, he had a great presence when on screen and had me rooting for him. He did well with what they gave him.

    • You mean Hank Azaria? You do know that he voices a shit ton of characters on the Simpsons (like Moe and Apu), right?

    • Of course, the only reason onions make you cry is because cutting them up makes a gas that irritates your eyes.

      Those onions were in a glass tube. There is no way they would make Papa Smurf have the reaction he did.

  21. Doug I think it’s really wonderful of you to dedicate some of your time to draw attention to different charities.

  22. What the hell did I just watch? This review was as spastic as the movie that was being reviewed.

  23. The smurfs are monotremes, mammals that lay eggs.

  24. I knew they would review this. I never really watched the show, but I knew this would suck.

  25. . Wow. I didn’t know that Smurfs was originally a comic. I remember liking Chipmunks as a kid but then I saw the second one based on nostalgia… and it was so disappointing. D: It’s a little sad in this though. Like that conversation with Papa could have been touching but it’s not. I’m so glad I skipped this movie. Also… wow. I’ve never seen a Black Nerd video… but I think that I may have a new celebrity crush. LOL

    I may or may not check out Guru Larry.

  26. Pet Rock the movie actually sounds pretty cool

  27. Where’s the review? All I’m seeing is the Gurur Larry plug.

  28. Ask that guy with the glasses how surfs are born. He knows.

  29. Ah man, now I’m actually experiencing the problems everyone else has with this new video player. Up to this point, every one of your videos worked so well on my computer, but now I’m getting extreme lagging. Oh well, good review anyway.

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