Nostalgia Critic: Son of the Mask

That movie’s evil I tells ya! Evil! EEEEEEEEVILLLLLLLLL!

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  1. >Rainbow Dash
    >Cuter than Fluttershy
    >Season 3 sucks
    No wonder no one respects your opinions anymore, CR.

  2. TheCommentPlague

    You know, I’m really glad Sage didn’t end up being the devil. As much as I enjoy his work, Malcolm’s take on the devil is just so much more suave.

    • I gotta say, he did pretty good as the devil

    • Sage’s devil was kinda…meh. Ok, that joke with the cream was hilarious, but it wasn’t that original for a Devil. Malcolm as the classy, business man devil is one of the best clichês for how we picture the Devil. And his deep voice and suave actig matches it perfectly.

  3. God, those images are fraky

  4. to be fair, this movie now makes me imagine a grow up kid or teenager with the powers of the mask, like a cartoonish superhero….that would look hilarious

  5. Son of the Mask: Baby’s First Nightmare Fuel

  6. Do you think Evilena is the ONLY daughter of the Devil?
    I hope not. ^^

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