Nostalgia Critic: Space Jam Review

The Nostalgia Critics reviews 1996’s Michael Jordan bio-pic Space Jam.

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  1. I haven’t seen this movie since I was a kid. I really liked it back then, but from the clips in this review it looks stupid now (except for the tackling of Granny, that’ll forever be awesome). And I’ll admit that when I was a kid, Lola was my favorite character in the movie. She reminded me a lot of Jessica Rabbit (which is kinda funny since Lola’s a rabbit and Jessica isn’t).

    Top 2 funniest Critic comments are:

    It’s like every advertiser’s wet dream.

    Rabbits aren’t sexy, rabbits are food!

  2. I do like Loony Toons
    This is actually a fun movie
    Lola is VeRy NiCe. That dos count

  3. this movie was then & even now, ultimately,.. forgettable. just, forgettable.
    a movie with Michael-Freakin’-Jordan, and the Loony-Freakin’-Toons,.. Forgettable.
    even as a kid not knowing any better, this movie while having some moments here& there,
    was ultimately boring & forgettable. the soundtrack even threw me off & made me cringe here & there,
    and as someone who is a big fan of soundtracks of films/shows/games, as well the films/shows/games themselves. this was a double-whammy of a let-down.
    a lame movie + a cheesy soundtrack = freakin’ stupid… ‘Nough – Said

  4. Looks like Doug hadn’t heard of Furries back in 2008.

  5. I saw this movie recently on TV and its biggest crime is that it’s boring. This movie could at least be interesting but it even fails at that.

  6. I remember liking this movie as a kid, but you know that a movie doesn’t hold up when you stop and realize, “I haven’t watched that movie in years.” A good movie is something you will remember to pull out from time to time.

    Also, I know that Doug responded to a backlash about the whole “bunny boobies” thing, but I have a few friends who are furries. Of course, the main misconception is that most furries are not sexually attracted to anthropomorphic non-human animals. But, even more importantly, if you showed an actual bunny (not bipedal with human expressions or fingers) that had boobs, most people would find that odd. Animated movies have constantly promoted sexualized female characters who are non-human animals. The reason it works is because they walk on two legs, have fingers, talk, wear clothes, have hips and breasts, and have human facial expressions. At that point, any differences can’t be that significant. I mean, boobs in any form will get almost anyone’s attention, even gay guys or straight girls.

  7. Moviemantweeter1999

    Huh the good old days of nostalgia critic. I’m glad I watched this review because now I’m feeling that I could write a better script for this movie then these horrible four writers could do in one session. Now after this comment gets posted I can go and watch the nostalgia critic real thoughts on it. I love you critic and thank you for this link. But there’s been rumors of sequels which let’s hope to god doesn’t happen with the same writers.

  8. Bunny Boobies FTW! I fuck lola

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