Nostalgia Critic: Steel

Shaq is back, did he learn how to act?

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  1. man, even when this flick was spankin’ new, I never cared for it.
    really anything Shaq was in, was completely forgettable, his “talents” were so bland & stupid.
    hell, I don’t even know if this or Kazam came first before the other, the flicks were so lame & forgettable.
    I’m just glad that he gave up on lead-role acting,
    and the fashions of hiring a basket ball player to act the main role (or side-lead role) is gone.
    that’s a big part of the 90’s, I’m glad are dead & gone…

  2. Okay, I’m very new to the comic book scene, so I may be way off the mark here…but isn’t Sparky pretty much Oracle with a different backstory?

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