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The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 3rd Year Anniversary of – Suburban Knights.

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  1. I LOVE Suburban Knights. It has better jokes and a pretty good plot. This was the pinnacle! I was really hoping that the next anniversary movie would be the sequel to this. Also, it’s so funny to see Jori and Tamara now that I actually know who they are.

  2. I’m a bit mixed on Suburban Knights. I enjoyed it, but not as much as Kickassia. I kinda thought SK suffered from pacing issues and a lot of overused jokes (like Handsome Tom constantly mentioning he was Willow).

    I still felt the Brawl and Kickassia were better, but I did enjoy SK for what it was.

  3. The best out of all these movies is To Boldly Flee.

    By the way, does the posting of these reviews have anything to do with Mike J reviewing these same films?

  4. It’s hard for me to tell if these reviews are purely satire or if any of the NC’s comments are genuine towards their own work.

    I personally find these anniversary movies to be VERY POOR in terms of sheer comedy and storytelling. In fact, the most redeemable moments are often just the back and fourth conversations when things are mundane. As soon as anything plot related is required (which is like 95% of the time) then things quickly get boring or just referential.

    You’d think that these critics who point out the faults of movies for a living wouldn’t deliberately go ahead and give us the same exact stuff they’d hate to watch themselves.

    On the other hand these aren’t professionals and I honestly couldn’t say I’d do any better as an amateur either. So it is what it is.

    • The anniversary movies have always been pure fan service. And a chance for Doug to do something different.

      I always found them to be a peculiar mix of mild amusement and slightly less mild awkwardness. In retrospect, I enjoyed them far more than the AVGN movie which for me was a giant chore to finish.

  5. Suede!!! Where’s he been?

  6. Nice to see Doug criticizing his own work.

    • Yea Doug can seem a little arrogant at times, but even he knows his own work is quite low-hanging fruit. But he never takes himself too seriously.

  7. I love, love, love all the Anniversaries movies. Even they are fan-service/inside jokes/goofy kind of movies, they make me laugh ’till my belly get a Charley horse every time I see them. And it happen to watch them from time to time when I need some laughs after a bad day. This review is pure NC ranting about a shitty movie and is GLORIOUS. Heck, I can say that is even funnier than the movie itself. Thanks, Doug. That it made my day!

  8. I don’t think I knew who half the people it were when that was made. Pretty sure all but 2 of them have left the site since.

    • Edit: half the people in it

    • Let’s see people that are featured and name dropped in Suburban Knights and still making new videos on the site: Nostalgia Critic, Cinema Snob (listed on the new site as his real name Brad Jones), Film Brain, Angry Joe, Linkara, and Bennett the Sage (listed on the site as Sage).

      People that are featured and name dropped in Suburban Knights and are listed on the site, but haven’t made a new video in at least a few months: Nostalgia Chick and Suede

      Guy that was an actor in the movie but was never name dropped nor did we see his face: The Last Angry Geek (he was one of the cloaked figures).

      So even if you don’t count those last three, that is still more than two.

  9. I feel a sudden disturbance in the force.

    As if some British Person suddenly started yelling some extremely loud and creative curses…

  10. Alright, so here’s my pitch for the next Anniversary Movie:

    M. Night ShamAmon’s Adventure Time.

    This is actually inspired by one line Cinemasnob said in that one Adventure Time Vlog he did with Doug way back in the day.

    So the Sham-Amon character (the one that Malcom plays but is voiced by Rob) from all the Shamalon reviews finds a way to Ooo and threatens to Shamalize the entire universe for his next disaster opus. The Critics must venture into the world of Adventure Time, while all dressed as modern era American animated characters (Avatar, Korra, Kim Possible, Steve Universe, Regular Show, Gravity Falls, to name a few) and save the citizens of the Candy Kingdom, The Ice Kingdom, and everywhere else in Fin’s world from being emotion-bent.

    And of course, we would have a guest appearance by Mara Wilson as Marceline the Vampire Queen (or in this case, “Maraceline”)

  11. The Suburban Knights Review, wherein Doug draws even more unwanted attention to his tighty-whity bulge…

  12. I forgot how amazing Sage’s costume was, now I want my own one.

  13. *Voiced by the Irate gamer*

    Low blow dude.

  14. I don´t understand why NC is doing this, I mean, yeah, great for him for reviewing his own work, but suburban knights like kickassia were some movies where all of the old critics were acting, making the movies very funny and unique. By reviewing and criticizing them I think is making it more seriuos, and the point of the movies is just to take them like jokes, there were seriously very funny. I think that my only point is that Critic should leave the movies has they were.

  15. Hilarious
    Great movie
    Its Mati he had is from his childhood

  16. Suburban knights is my fave anniversary show so far. Kikassia was fun, To Boldly Flee had its moments…but somehow I still like Suburban knights the best)

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