Nostalgia Critic Suicide Squad Trailer

A sneak peak at Nostalgia Critic’s big review. Plus Doug does a trailer reaction of his own trailer…wait what?

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Suicide squad is go wait wrong thing


    Seriously I’ve been waiting all day for this. A stupid trailer. Also I kinda stopped watching after he watched the trailer. I got bored.

  3. I am just stoked to learn that the chart guys are returning. Abbot and Costello have nothing on those guys. (Mmmmm…that’s good sarcasm)

  4. StudentOfEtherium

    Why does this feel like it’s making fun of AngryJoe?

  5. Yeah, I feel ya, DW. I hate trailer reactions too.

  6. Oh this is going to be good!:D

  7. god what a waste of a video. Was there no editorial topic worth talking about? I mean, if you are going to review Suicide Squad, why not talk about DC adaptations? or what’s great about DC animated series?

    why a trailer to a review that’s finished and a dumb drunk trailer reaction. That part felt desperate and wasn’t funny. Man, i watch because you put quality content up every week, posts like this is why it gives online reviewers a bad name….

    underwhelming video…you should have just posted the review….

    • Actually that would be an amazing topic. An entire video looking at why despite the small budget, the animated movies are more entertaining then the big budget blockbusters.

      • I don’t know about that. With increasingly few exceptions like Gods & Monsters (which was ‘okay’ at best, if pointless), Assault on Arkham (which was amazing) and the utterly fantastic Return of the Caped Crusaders, the DC animated movies have been consistently shite lately.

        Justice League: War, Throne of Atlantis, Son of Batman, Batman vs Robin, Bad Blood, that god-awful Justice League vs Teen Titans movie (seriously, about 5 minuted devoted to the title and the rest is a boring, bullshit ‘Damian Wayne is da best evar’ story), the terrible adaptation of Killing Joke… with all these pathetic failures, I’m getting less and less enthused every time a new animated DC movie is announced.

        I’m looking forward to the Bruce Timm helmed project coming out soon. I have just enough faith in his abilities to still be cautiously optimistic. But man, DC’s been sucking in cinemas and animated films for too long.

        • I disagree that they were all bad besides a few exceptions. I mean yes, when they focused on the now outdated New 52 stuff, it became very hit and miss, but they are sort of getting back on track

          • Personally I can’t stand a single one of the pseudo-N52 movies they made, I think they’re all garbage to one degree or another. The worst of the worst (to the point it’s hilarious how shitty it is) has to be Son of Batman though. That movie blows chunks and has very few redeeming features. Even the art direction looks ugly in that movie, though it’s well animated most the characters are incredibly unappealing to look at.

            In my opinion, the only good ones I’ve see which I can list off after the utterly pointless Flashpoint movie came out are Assault on Arkham, Gods & Monsters and Return of the Caped Crusaders. All the rest are either slightly below mediocre or outright awful.
            I can’t judge the Teen Titans Judas Contract movie yet, I’ve not watched it. And given that it’s part of that dumbass pseudo-N52 continuity, I have absolutely no interest in it either.

      • Didn’t he already cover this? The fact that they have small budget is the reason they turn out to be good. The smaller the budget you have – the bigger the risk you can take. You can explore subjects too complex for a blockbuster movie, which is intended for a wide audience and the majority of this audience are simple people. You need to entertain them, not make them think.

      • TragicGuineaPig

        I’ll tell you why: Bruce Timm vs. Zack Snyder. They should have just put Bruce Timm and Paul Dini in charge of the cinematic universe.

  8. Well, that was unexpected. What was my reaction to that? Uh, whatever. The trailer makes it look good. I’m glad you have the option of being okay. This is why I don’t watch many of these videos.

  9. Um…what the hell is this? Not the trailer so much, that’s fine, but why the reaction? Yes, I get the joke, but a) he already made this observation when Chester reacted to the TFA teaser, and it wasn’t even that funny there, b) people *on this very site* make reaction videos, so it’s not like it’s some dumb YouTuber thing, and most of all, c) I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Doug do a trailer reaction! I mean, he’s a hilarious riffer, and especially if it was a trailer for something in his wheelhouse (maybe the It remake or Dark Tower trailers) it could be really fun. But no, instead we get “hur hur, reaction videos are stupid”.
    I dunno, I’m normally a huge fan of Doug’s humor (I even kind of like the Bart’s Nightmare video – yes, really), but this is just pointless and stupid.

  10. So I have a running theory that one of the reasons the clipless reviews get so much hate is because we don’t typically get a heads up for them. (I’m one of the people who hated Hocus Pocus and Phantom of the Opera, but was fine with the others. However, after after watching Hocus Pocus recently… Not as bad as I remember, hence where the theory originated). I feel like this trailer’s a good move for that reason. At least now I know Suicide Squad is clipless and don’t go in hyped up for a classic Nostalgia Critic review. Thoughts?

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      The Batman v Superman and Rogue One reviews were also known in advance. The former was scripted into the Pluto Nash review. The Ghostbusters Answer the Call review happened to fall in at a time where early access was such a thing and thus announced in the usual Vessel bait spot. The Suicide Squad review announcement happened during the Balto review in March, and was screened last Wednesday in a special screening

    • my love for clipless goes half and half. some of them seem pointless, but at the very least when he does tell them ahead of time, that’s fine, but at the same time, SS is out…use the clips, screw what WB has to say with their stupid copyright stuff…I get he needs the revenue, but why not go the Patreon route? or do the Twitch route where he watches a movie and does it live for people?

      • Given that this got a theatrical release, even a very limited one, I don’t think they could’ve used clips, or else thought using clips would open up even more problems

    • That may be part of it. One reason is that they feel like a parody play sometimes. Another reason I dislike the clipless reviews is that they tend to rely heavily on “You remember this scene, right?!”. For example, my least favorite clipless review was Hocus Pocus. I’ve never seen Hocus Pocus and I don’t know much besides there’s a virgin kid and Sarah Jessica Parker is a witch. As you can imagine, I was confused during that entire review.

  11. And this is the part where I explain the joke.

  12. DYING!! I thought the trailer reaction was fucking hilarious, don’t know what all these other people be talking about it but hopefully this upcoming review is good!

  13. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Nothing’s wrong with reacting to your own stuff.

    Anyway can’t wait for the review.

  14. So excited to see the review! The trailer was good and so was the reaction, can’t wait to see the full thing!

  15. Aw crap, I hope this isn’t clipless.
    Look, I like your videos for the most part and I don’t exactly ‘hate’ all the clipless reviews–I liked the Batman v Superman one–but the Rogue One video was ‘meh’ at best, especially with the incredibly unfunny Vader scene, which really didn’t work in showing what was so great about the actual scene in the film, the Hocus Pocus video was unbearably awful, and the Phantom of the Opera review, while not devoid of funny and creative moments, just really didn’t work in a lot of aspects (especially one character taking off the mask revealing…. Doug, who is apparently an actor we’re supposed to recognise, then you announce who it is, and anyone who’s not seen or cared about the stage version has any idea why that’s significant, and even if they did… well, it’s still just you).

    Suicide Squad doesn’t even make sense to be clipless, it’s long since out of theatres and you already did a video with clips for Fant4stic, I don’t see how this is any MORE likely to get you in trouble.

    I honestly think this would work a lot more as a clip review than a clipless one. It’s often very disappointing when a film comes out I’d like you to cover, and you do it this way.

    I don’t want to insult what you’ve made with them, because I can tell a lot of time and effort goes in… but it’s time and effort that goes into something that, ultimately, most often really does not work.

  16. I really, really hate these kinds of reviews. The kind where they have to act out all the scenes or whatever due to copyright stuff from showing the real scenes (or possibly because they enjoy doing it, not sure one way or another). Either way, I just kinda hate it. I find them a slog to get through and I really miss the good ol’ days of NC sitting at his desk and simply reviewing the movie. No skits, no extra actors, no stunts, just a dude and a camera making fun of old, bad movies the only way he knows how. That’s what drew me to NC in the first place. He managed to be funny by just sitting their, ranting, raving, and freaking out about the latest crapfest he’s watching. Sometimes their might have been a little skit thrown in for flavor, but it was mostly just him at his desk.

    I miss those days. I get that other people might like these kinds of reviews, especially of newer movies, and I respect that…but I definitely prefer the older, simpler NC.

  17. TragicGuineaPig

    Okay, the Swedish Chef bit – that was hilarious!

    Also, Rob’s a dinosaur.

  18. there better be movie clips in this as well and not all just the crew. I hate when he does reviews like that. You need a balance of both that how you do entertaining review.

  19. CrimsonShadow23

    Despite being a Suicide Squad fan, this is gonna be good. *grabs popcorn*

  20. Like the previous instalments of the DC Extended Universe, I really enjoyed Suicide Squad, and I already knew that Doug’s review on this movie is mostly made up of this:

  21. Gamora: “Who put the sticks up their butts?”

    That’s all I could think of reading all these comments. I was dying laughing at NC’s reenactment of all those guys who critique trailers. Do I watch their review of trailers? Sure, but it’s still a funny parody of them.

  22. Oh my, clipless review again? Well, fuck.
    Because sorry, but production quality of your sketches is cringeworthy. It isn’t that distracting in clip-style review, but in clipless review… It borderline unwatchible.
    Seriously, your team is one of the oldest reviewers on the internet, so why? Why don’t you got someone who actually know about apealling visuals, like thypography and color correction…

  23. Yo, Doug. Doug. DOUG!!! You’re stretching a joke too far again.

  24. Its fun because it shot for shot parodied the actual Suicide Squad trailer.

  25. I actually liked this movie… well…at least more than I liked Batman vs. Superman but not as much as Man of Steel. I’ll give the clipless review a chance especially since I laughed once or twice at this. Also, at the risk of sounding like a lady-douche, was the trailer reaction really necessary? LOL

  26. My problem with clipless reviews is that I have no idea if they are good if I’ve not seen the movie, since Doug does them so differently. He doesn’t step through the review, and the jokes make it hard to follow what is there and what isn’t.

    As this was a movie everyone told me is bad, I didn’t see it. So I predict I will be very confused.

    Then again, I did like the Mad Max review, and I had not seen it. And I found Hocus Pocus hard to follow, and I watch it every other year.

    So who knows. Hopefully this review will let me know why this movie is so bad without ever having to see it. ,

  27. Also mocking the people on your own site is not really all that funny.

    Trailer reactions are fun. They aren’t reviews of the movie, but of the trailer. And just someone letting us know what they think given what they currently know.

    Also, you could do well to have a trailer day and review nostalgic trailers, or at least put them in the commercial reviews.

  28. That was slightly original, and also a bit funny – it’s been awhile since I have seen either of those things on this site

  29. The Real Silverstar

    I get that some people don’t like the clipless reviews, but what I don’t get is why these same people feel the need to constantly complain whenever team NC makes a clipless review. Doug’s not going to go back to just sitting in front of a white wall and talking; he’s made that point abundantly clear in his Christmas with the Kranks review. He doesn’t want to do that anymore, he wants to expand, which after all these years is understandable. The complainers may as well stamp their feet and hold their breaths for all it accomplishes. Doug tried actually retiring the Critic twice, and we saw how fans reacted to that. If you’re gonna insist that Doug keep doing the Critic, at least let him do it the way he wants. Those who prefer the earlier NC reviews can just watch those; they’re still around, just go to YouTube.

    This was just a trailer; if you don’t like clipless reviews, just skip this one when it’s uploaded. Watch or do something else. Problem solved. It’s not complicated. I don’t enjoy every single thing that content creators put out either, but when I encounter something that doesn’t ding my chimes, I just don’t click or comment on it. But these same folks keep coming onto the comment section and whine and moan about the same things every time. I don’t get it.

    It’s entertainment for free, folks. Don’t like it? Just don’t watch it.

  30. Daniel Brizuela

    That’s why it took so long.

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