Nostalgia Critic Suicide Squad Trailer

A sneak peak at Nostalgia Critic’s big review. Plus Doug does a trailer reaction of his own trailer…wait what?

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  1. That was pretty funny you’ve reacted to your own trailer. I am sure though you were just messing around. Honestly I am looking forward to the review. It looks funny.

  2. The trailer reaction wasn’t funny. just because you break down and make fun of trailer reactions doesn’t mean it’s funny. it comes off more like you are being disrespectful and condescending towards people who do this stuff.

  3. I see why now it’s taking so long, which I don’t mind because I love to see the whole gang together putting this much effort into something creative. The trailer looked really funny even though I didn’t see that movie or care for that kind of thing in general but I’m excited.

    I don’t think he should have reviewed his own trailer though..? I feel like Doug was just trying to fill up time to give us at least SOMETHING this week besides a trailer. Drunk or not, seems a little silly to review something you’ve done. Can’t wait for the video next week!

    • I feel the same way. I would ratherhave seen the trailer. A short explanation of the reason that there’s nothing of substance this week and then break out into a silly dance or something.

      Trailer reactions ARE stupid and mocking the obvious isn’t very funny.

  4. Based on how the internet reacted to this film I’ve got an idea of how the review is going to be.

  5. Killsteal_Wolf

    A little off doing a mockery of Trailer Reactions when your First Viewing series is VERY similar to it in concept.

  6. MiscellaneousSoup

    Needed some Ambush Bug to be truly meta.

  7. This is probably the worst thing Doug has done since the Bart’s Nightmare Let’s Play. However, I AM looking forward to the actual review.

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