Nostalgia Critic: Super Mario Brothers Movie

Nostalgia Critic: Super Mario Brothers Movie

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  1. Never seen this movie. Just barely heard of it. Enjoy playing the video games. Why did they decide to make those midgety things that are mostly just head and feet into tall dudes with tiny heads? Why didn’t the Critic even acknowledge the woman’s foot in a high heel massaging the police guy’s shoulder? I think that’s a very strange moment worth mentioning.

  2. Fuck all of you even if its not like Super Mario game its still a great movie
    Why do you had to make them game there a Family not insect he was like LIKE a father

  3. Ok, since there are people here obviously oblivious to what had happened during filming… Anthony Hopkins and John Leguizamo had almost entirely similar points of views from the film, thinking it was the worst film they have ever done and often getting drunk for the set. Yes, they were often drunk during their scenes with the getting arrested and the few action scenes they do. They even knew in their minds it would be bad.

    With only $2 million as a budget, this film had apparently went way over budget and between the time it took to make, there were numerous arguing figure heads between how it should be directed. The studio was wanting it to be more family friendly, meanwhile the directors wanted it to be more adult-like. Either way, each of the two directors wanted their own ways.

    Overall I personally liked the look of the movie, despite Yoshi being a baby dinosaur that looks like he was the spawn for a sitcom or Godzilla. The only real memorable scenes for me are really only the fact that Koopa had a machine that could change people into Goombas. The Goombas didn’t look all that impressive either to be honest, but in my mind as a kid I enjoyed it. The film is only enjoyable the first time…the second time is kind of just sad. With the hundreds upon hundreds of nostalgic games and anime/American cartoons I own, this is unlikely one I will ever place into my collection anytime soon.

    I might have watched it in theaters, but I don’t remember. I do remember watching Rush Hour 2 though, but it was a much better put-together movie. Oh and by the way, I have been laughing my ass off the whole day so far at all the tv shows and movies you have been looking back on. Maybe it is just me, but it was probably the fact you shove a certain scene on screen and then I start to realize how hilariously stupid it was before you even dare explain it or show expression from it. Like how Tentacles saves everyone in the realistic-looking Titanic animated movie, or the Jeep in Turkish Rambo. Really really pretty damn funny.

    Thank you Critic. :’)

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