Nostalgia Critic: Super Mario Brothers Super Show

Take a look back at a show that was part live action, part animation, and well mostly full of 90s garbage.

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  1. I had never heard of either show before seeing this video. I’ve owned some of the Mario Game Boy Color/Advance games since I was a kid and one time at a store played a few minutes of a Legend of Zelda SNES. I’ve always hated that little dude in Mario that says “our princess is in another castle” but I’ll take him over the TV show version of him any day. I love that guy in the Zelda show that teleported every few seconds for no reason.

    Top 3 funniest Critic comments are:

    …telling lame jokes, hoping the kids don’t know how to comprehend humor yet.

    You can’t just add the word “land” to something and expect it to be a full-developed 3-dimentional world.

    …always sits and plots like Skeletor’s drunken mother-in-law.

  2. Not that horrible but this Mario cartoon was stupid
    Zelda cartoon is wrong
    Zelda is in love with Link and she doesn’t want to admit it
    Mario movie was very great

  3. The bit where they mismatch the countdown (the character says “16 minutes” when the timer says 4 minutes and 25 seconds) might be a subtle dig at Star Wars. During the scene where the Death Star is approaching the Rebel base, the computer voice doing the countdown doesn’t match the numbers that are on the screen. But, as you say, these writers probably weren’t clever enough to pick that up, so it’s probably just a screw up on their part.

  4. Why is it, I only remember the intro song, and nothing about the Super Mario show…?

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