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This isn’t my idea of fun. The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1994’s Swan Princess.

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  1. Finally!! I’ve been waiting FOREVER for you to review this movie! And, honestly, everything in this review is exactly how I expected it would be. Just one more I can scratch off of by list. Now please, PLEASE!!!!! do Balto!!?????

  2. That ending is still one of my favorites. Tamara’s face is perfect

  3. Derek did tell Odette why he loved her. It just took him thinking she was dead for him to finally spit it out: “I love you…your kindness and your courage.” His plan was to prove his love by announcing it at the ball, but he ended up proving it by killing Rothbart and then finally telling her what she had wanted to hear all along.

  4. Could we have more Sam & Max jokes please? Maybe a Day of the Tentacle reference here and there?

  5. Check this guy out. He’s spent years reconstructing traditional combat archery techniques, and he CAN catch an arrow fired at him and fire it back immediately.


  6. I kind of have to wonder,..
    do you think the people who made this film know the fore most etiquettes & actual involvements of an arranged marriage? I mean, the key notion of an arranged marriage was that the agreeing parents of the bride & groom assigned them to marry when they reach the certain age. they more or less had no choice but to marry each other. that’s why they call it an “Arranged Marriage”, there’s no “all these years preparing, ruined” about it. they’re still gett’n hitched… (unless one or both defect to another country to escape the laws of that, but that’s another story… one that actually would have sounded like a better plot for this movie, honestly)

  7. I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

    19:55 – It isn’t made explicit, but judging by the appalled reactions of everyone that sees not-Odette, I get the sense that the illusion only works on Derek; everyone else sees the hag for who she really is.

    On that note, I get the feeling that Rothbart was initially designed to merely be an illusionist, who has no control over reality but can still make people see and hear things that don’t exist. His ability to make things appear and disappear on a whim, as well as scenes like this one, lend credence to my theory. But then he apparently has the ability to actually transmogrify Odette into a swan, and himself into the Great Animal. I suspect the story underwent some executive meddling, by higher-ups who didn’t want Derek to kill a human Rothbart. As a result, Rothbart’s powers became very vaguely defined.

  8. Personally, I think all four Ice Age movies and both Rio movies are good. They are on par with both Kung-Fu Panda movies and the three “main” Madagascar movies….sort of like an eleven (or after 2016, thirteen) way tie.

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