Nostalgia Critic: The Cell

Before you see The Immortals, take a look at what the directed made long, long before.

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  1. I have to finally say this; I have a problem with the NC making fun of the detective saying “He ain’t gonna stop himself”. That is actually a good assessment in a psychological profile of a murderer. Some of them want to be caught. Some of them seriously know that what they are doing is wrong and they wish they didn’t do it. In fact, there are some people who have the psychological disorders that drive a lot of killers, and they manage to keep it under control because they know right from wrong and take the necessary steps. Therefore, an important part of any psychological profile in a case like this is going to be whether or not the unsub is aware of the morality of their crimes, whether they have empathy towards those they hurt, and whether they could be reasoned with to cease what they are doing. Not all serial killers are pure evil, some feel a real emotional need to do what they do, and they cannot help themselves. So while the line is poorly written and delivered, the message behind it makes sense; they are not dealing with a moral person. They are not going up against someone who regrets his actions. The investigators are officially the only thing that stands between this killer and decades more of torture and death…

    Movie still sucks, though.

    • It’s funny, I came to this to copypasta my comment about the same thing. Here:

      “One thing I have to disagree with him on here is the idea that it’s obvious that he won’t stop himself. Many killers still feel remorse for their murders, and some do try to stop themselves, usually unsuccessfully unless it’s with a firearm. For example, after Jeffrey Dahmer was caught, he expressed massive remorse for what he had done, saying he knew it was wrong but it was a compulsion he couldn’t resist, and that he hated himself for it. He said he’d tried to stop numerous times, but couldn’t. Some serial killers are like that. Others, however, are more of the typical “enjoys it” type, and those are the more common ones. But, it is important to know what you’re dealing with in order to select the proper tactics. Tracking a killer who has remorse like Dahmer, it’d be more useful to do public pleas to turn himself in, appealing to that sense of guilt. Others, however, would just use that as wank fuel. “

  2. The magic word is “impulse control”.

    And let’s not forget that there have been series of murders that stopped for no apparent reason. Although it’s believed that those killers most likely couldn’t continue because certain circumstances in their lives didn’t allow them to carry on, like illnesses, advanced age / death or prison sentences for other crimes, but it’s not entirely impossible that the urge to kill disappears at some stage in a serial killer’s life, just like some urges / needs disappear or wane to an insignificant level in a many normal people’s lives or get replaced by something else. The majority of serial killers never “stop themselves”, though.

    • Watched the rest of this. This movie IS asinine. “A form of schizophrenia that infects blah-blah-blah…”? I just hope this production didn’t have any medical advisors or, if it did, they’ve had their licenses to practice revoked in the meantime. Fucksakes!

  3. in all honesty, the only thing this movie ever did for me was show pretty awesome visuals in the killer’s dreamstate. I did know what the “philosophical” notions the movie was going on about, but I also found that even they didn’t know what the hell they were getting to. happens to every person who thinks they’re philosophers after having attended a class or two, and not a single “deep thought” before or after said class.
    other than looking pretty here & there, this movie has no sustenance, not in depth nor sense.
    all’s I can really say is; I just hope the director learned from his mistakes in this movie, & consideres well to not repeat them…

  4. I will say this though…
    this flick at least had good samples to put in music.
    Hypoxia, by Velvet Acid Christ. it’s a good listen. {;-)

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