The Ewoks Cartoon – Was That Real?

May 4th may have passed, but there’s no forgetting THIS strangeness. The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at the late 1980s Star Wars Ewoks Cartoon.

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  1. Thought this was going to be another carebears review for a sec!

    • Paul Dini actually wrote a rejected Ewok episode for clone wars,Anikan and Padme needed a mercenary escort so they go to a dimly lit bar and the owner says,”You want that guy over there.” They say,”allright” because the guy looks like Lobo,then he moves out of the way to reveal an Ewok sharpening a spear.

      He even tried to do a JarJar episode where everybody at the senate hates him and he discovers an alien species on a planet set to be demolished,so he ends up filibustering. That’s kinda perfect.

      (He talks about it on the podcast “Fatman on Batman” in the episode “Dini Dossiers part 1”)

      • I actually do think the “Jar Jar Hears a Who” story could’ve been serviceable, but it’s fair to say it would be hard for some people to even get past the character being on screen in the first place. I’ll absolutely say the Ewok was a missed opportunity.

      • I thought that Paul Dini strfated with Krypto the Superdog.

    • My introduction to Star Wars were the Lego toys. Also, this aint in the Star Wars universe anymore bucko!

  2. I barely remember this show. From what I remember, it was basically a generic cartoon that used the same plots of other cartoons at the time.

  3. I hope they never make a show based around Jar Jar!

    • Are you trying to give them ideas?

    • Shhh, Doug uploads these videos to Blip. Blip is owned by Maker. Maker is owned by Disney. So stop giving them ideas! Disney is listening! Disney is always listening!

    • Well, if they do, they could always redeem him?

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        No, that would require Star Wars fans be able to get over their pathological hatred of the character, and that’s clearly too much to ask. Star Wars fans loves them their Jar Jar hate.
        I don’t particularly like Jar Jar, but I’m sick to death of the stupid, childish hatred I hear every time his name is mentioned. He’s an easy target for lazy fanboys who hate what all the other fanboys hate so they won’t be laughed at. Just like they all have to perv on Slave Girl Leia to show everyone they’re not gay. Seriously, grow the fuck up already.
        Another thing all fanboys MUST do is bash the prequels and blather on about how they could have done a better job, to the point of editing together their own versions of them. Hey, fanboys, how about you put your money where your mouths are? Write your OWN fucking script and get it produced. You know, like George Lucas did. When you’ve created a multi-billion dollar franchise and pop culture phenomenon, then you will have earned the right to tell George Lucas how to make moves. Not before. Oh, but that would be actual WORK. Much easier to just bitch and whine and nitpick on your computers. Well, guess what, fanboys? Jar Jar is part of the SW universe; people will still be watching him act like an idiot long after you’re all dead and forgotten, and there’s NOTHING you can do about it, so DEAL WITH IT, LOSERS!

    • would be OK if they made one with Gungans tho

      they are basically Jamaican frogmen riding on dinosaurs
      that’s pretty cool if you ask me

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      I would love that, not because I like Jar Jar, but because it would piss off all the crybabies. 🙂

  4. My introduction was the Phantom Menace. So I had a great time trying to work out why the hell Anakin had a man shadow on the posters and why there was a poster about a bounty hunter that had no part in the film.

  5. During one of the images one of the imperial officers looked like Leonard Nimoy!

  6. You know what’s also interesting.
    I was introduced in Star Wars the same way in tender age of 6 (that and Droids)!

  7. Oh dear. I remember this one. Back then I knew nothing about Star Wars so of course back then I didn’t know that this one was based on it.

  8. travis DG edna

    Gummi Bears, anyone?

  9. Eh, for once I can ignore the obnoxious Jar-Jar hate talk


  10. Badly Drawn Manchild

    I have to say this is a fun idea for a new sub-series. There was all kinds of odd stuff I saw on TV that it’s hard to believe they actually existed, and it’ll be fun seeing you bring it back to the surface.

    That said, Count Duckula wasn’t exactly obscure over here in his home country of the UK. 😛

    • I grew up on Count Duckula in the UK. It has the most awesome theme tune. In fact lots of 80’s cartoons had pretty neat theme tunes. The Vampire Strikes back was one my favourite episode. Igor’s horror of planet cute was hilarious.

  11. I was introduced to Star Wars through Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy on Playstation 2. One of the first games I ever played.

  12. Huh, funny. I live in Ukraine and I actually did watch this cartoon when I was a kid.
    But I didn’t know it was a show. I just had a VCR with 1-2 episodes of “Droids” and 1-2 episodes of “Ewoks” and I assumed that was it.

  13. Devil's Advocate

    I heard that Star Wars: The Clone Wars made Jar-Jar somewhat likable.

  14. I can tell this segment is going to be great. There’s a loooooot of weird, obscure, and yet pretty fun animated series from the 80s and 90s that have been forgotten (and some that were at least entertainingly bad).

  15. And it’s funny you should mention that, but in one of the Expanded Universe books, the Imperial scout actually DOES say explicitly, “Yeah, this is a good, secluded location, but screw those Ewoks.” (“Recommend extermination just for nuisance value.” -actual quote)

  16. I never heard of this before. I heard of those Ewok spinoff movies, though. That’s four Phantom Menace jokes! Jar-Jar Binks (3 times) and midichlorians! It has an even lower rating than Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog! Screw you! Then again, it is nice to see you not hate something.

  17. Great bays of morning! Does this bring back one memory. It wasn’t that impressive a show. I like Droids a little more because it had story arcs. The Droids would have one master for a set of episodes then find themselves owned by another. Ewoks was harmless.

    If you pick up this segment might I suggest Pirates of Dark Water and SWAT Kats. The mid-90s was an interesting time. Cable was growing so there was more stuff out there, but syndication was taking a beating so studios got desperate. Hence HB made one last stab with truly adventurous cartoons.

    • Whoo boy, I loved me some Pirates of Dark Water! I was so pissed that it was cancelled before they could find all of the Treasures of Rule. SWAT Kats was pretty cool too.

  18. I think that you got an error there a the start… you said “that you never believed could have filled an entire season let alone 24 minutes” and I think it’s the other way around.

  19. technotreegrass

    DOG CITY! Yes, PLEASE review Dog City. I LOVE that series!

  20. Trixie_is_best

    I actually remember watching this along with Droids many years back. Saw both of the Ewok movies to and never really realized that the Star Wars universe had magic and was reminded that again in the Clone Wars series with Darth Mauls race and their contact with dark magic. If you think about it, magic is less known about than the force is and it is largely based on what planet and systems people are from.

    From that intro to, saw clips from several shows I have seen many years ago. Yet, there are many cartoons from the 80’s and 90’s that will really fill up this new segment.

  21. Nice review I really hope that you can do a episode about the Pro Stars cartoon because if you think that Space Jam was a crazy Michael Jordan related thing kids on the 1990s were exposed to then you have seen nothing yet

  22. I was so obsessed over this show when I was little. ;;
    Or… sort of, since I had no idea it was a cartoon and I just watched the movie over and over. (Which were just a few episodes put together, but I really like that it was multiple stories that tie into one big story at the end.)
    It was a double sided disk, and the other side had some more cartoons, so I remember watching them and thinking “Oh, it’s as if it was a cartoon with episodes!”
    Though it’s a little annoying that the music that I like from the movie aren’t in the cartoon, (Like the movie’s opening and transition song) from what I know of, since I used to hum it all the time, or play it on the piano.

    Malani’s my favourite Ewok. <3

  23. Vader_the_White

    Personally, I was introduced to Star Wars through the 1995 VHS release (i.e., the last major release of the original, unaltered editions). My mom had bought it. While I don’t remember watching Episode IV for the first time, I do remember watching Empire and Jedi. Note, I was very little by the time I got to seeing these two (four at the oldest) and there weren’t many kids my age that I knew, so I didn’t know the most famous part of Empire. So when when Vader said, “No, I am you father,” it was a genuine shock for me. And this was about 1997.

  24. I was also introduced Star Wars because of the Ewoks. Only I saw the second Ewoks Movie that had the little girl and the Ewok Wicked as the main characters. I heard about the cartoon, but I didn’t see it until it came on the SciFi channel.

  25. Wasn’t Dengar the name of a character in one of the video games or something? I could’ve sworn i’ve heard it before. Interesting that a character was named after an ewok’s catchprase.

    Also, I actually saw the movie Spaceballs before ever seeing any of the Star Wars movies. In fact the first time i ever did see the movies was through the special editions in theater. I guess that’s why i don’t give those versions as much crap as most people.

  26. OMG!!! Dog City??? I thought I was the only one who remembered that show! Does that mean you are going to review it???
    The ewoks cartoon…. I remember watching this, and the movie spinoffs. I then remember seeing the movie and the only thing my young mind could think was “Why are the speaking another language???” I wound’t watch Return of the Jedi for the longest time because of that lol

  27. Not going to lie! I saw this before I saw Star Wars. So I guess this show was also my introduction to Star Wars as well!

  28. Actually their was another species in the Clone Wars that also used “magic”. It was a race of witches that used “Witch Craft”, Asajj Ventress was among these witches. Their “magic” was gained from the force. At least that’s what I remember from the Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network.

  29. Hi Doug! Very interesting and good review you shared with us. And thank you very much for all of your hard work and entertainment you continue to share with us. And if I may ask, could you please review the movie Freddie As F.R.O.7? I’m confident that it will be quite a great, funny review for everyone to remember for a long time.

  30. Wow.I always thought that I was weird because got into the band Genesis by first listening to Phil Collins’ solo work.This actually tops that in the reverse discovery contest.

    • … I came across one of my favoite things in media by reading terrible fanfiction porn about it by accident. We’ve all been there. (I’m happy the original writing *doesn’t* resemble the one it ‘inspired’ though.)

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