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Is this one of the worst remakes of all time? The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1999 version of The Haunting. The Haunting was first released on July 23rd, 1999 and was directed by Jan de Bont. It stars Liam Neeson, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Owen Wilson.

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  1. The difference between Twister and The Haunting 1999 is this:

    The goofy characters and tongue-in-cheek action in Twister was fun, and it wasn’t ruining a classic film. The Haunting 1999 just ruined a classic film.

  2. Ah Critic you make laugh my butt off

  3. Funny
    This is a not a movie for me
    She is hot but there are much hotter women
    Why is bisexual hot? I am indifferent about it but i don’t like lesbians or gay guy cause same sex sex is not hot for me
    Just cause its a ghost it douse not mean there evil
    What is so special about her they could ask everyone in the house
    You know i prefer that everyone died but Ovin lives that would be a interesting and unexpected end

  4. Critic: “I was going to impale [what’- his-face] on a tetherball pole…”
    Me: “It’s not too late.”

  5. This movie looks dumb and silly. but to be fair, the original one sounds like a boring snorefest to me, I don’t think I would like either version if I watched them.

  6. Wow, gotta love the way he, instead of criticizing the “bisexual girls are hot” stereotype as disgusting and dehumanizing, just unironically embraces it. I love the guy, I do, but this made me incredibly uncomfortable. I can only hope that he’s changed in the last 4 1/2 years because I don’t want to believe that Critic sees me and other bisexual girls and femmes as a fetish rather than a person.

    • partariothegoth

      The Critic is an asshole though, I do believe Doug himself has changed and I can’t really see him doing that joke if he had done this episode recently

  7. “worst remake of all time,” huh? I dunno, man, did you see the House on Haunted Hill remake? Missed the point about as much as this one did, arguably more so.

  8. Brandon johnson

    This movie sucked, i remember watching it back when it was released and it reminded me of a 10 cent horror movie. I had no idea this was a remake, now i will have to watch the original. Thanks critic!

  9. SpecialAgentDaleCooper

    I share the Critic’s view on this film… to a less violent extent. But The Haunting (1963) is one of my favourite films and to witness it turned into this… ugh.

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