The King and I (1999) – Nostalgia Critic

I always said Rogers and Hammerstein needed more dragons. The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1999’s The Kind and I.

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  1. Fuck the review, the part about the wall was genius 😀

  2. VoltageControl

    I never thought I would ever say this, but Don Bluth’s Anatasia is somehow more accurate.

  3. omg you were already awesome, and i feared you might kill it with over doing it with effects and stuff, but you actually make the art out of it man! love your shakira impression there :D:D:D

  4. People complained about the wall? WHAT THE F****???

  5. This is a very dumb movie
    Whistling whistling wtf were they smoking
    The pets are fun
    I never cared about the wall the most important part is the comedy
    There all idiots

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