The Plot to Frozen 2 – Nostalgia Critic

The story to one of the biggest sequels ever is finally revealed! The Nostalgia Critic gives you the plot to Frozen 2!

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  1. *sees the end of the video* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  2. How about Warriors of Virtue 2 9.9

  3. Moviemantweeter1999

    I think erod is probably mad that your reviewing tmnt before him(but too bad for him). I actually saw that cliffhanger coming since I read the comment section(that was stupid of me). But I would like to see Olaf become princess in the sequel I think that would be pretty cool(but no I’m not saying that guys name) but I also saw the crossover coming since you reviewed his certain movie a few weeks ago(7 weeks and 4 days ago to be exact). But I also am excited for the nostalgia critic movie too bad that jerk face guy with glasses who reviews video games cut you off(what a meanie).


  5. Can you give your thoughts on the Two and a Half Men ending?

  6. Why do I get the feeling this was meant to go up NEXT wednesday, not today?

  7. Huh, between that and the Blockbuster Buster team up for “Transformers 4” you’ve got an anti-Bay month going.

  8. …As if Rufio getting after him wasn’t the worst to happen to him, now he’s gotta deal with his archrival after all this time!? Next week’s gonna be awesome!

  9. All right, let’s go to the convention! Pennsylvania, hah? Guess I got to book a flight … let’s see … That one looks fine, good price … Germanwings? … I think I can wait ’til next week…

  10. I can’t wait for the turtles review! Yay. Maybe sometime in the future you could look at a little movie called “The indian in the cubert”?


  12. I hope he has a cross over with Black Nerd Comedy some day. It would be an awesome Nostalgia battle.

  13. I was hoping for a lead or tie-in for the BlockBuster Buster crossover. Originally I was hoping for at the end “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a prior engagement. Rob!? Where’s my black robe?” Oh well.

  14. I kinda want to see a fanfic based off of the click bait he presented. With some tweaks. Also, cannot wait for the NC/AVGN crossover AND the NC/EROD review coming soon I hope. 😀

  15. 1. Love the new segment. I’m looking forward to having other sequels “spoiled.”
    2. Nice move talking about the unexpected and then having the Nerd pop out. Next week should be interesting.

  16. Quality review instead of jumping on bandwagons to generate cash when?

  17. I want to see him take on House arrest a movie I love but love to see what he has to say

  18. Blaze The Movie Fan

    I’m glad you spoiled it for me because I don’t care for it anyway.

    The first Frozen movie wasn’t that great, The Lion King and The Hunchback of Notre Dame (and countless other animated movies) are trillion times better.

  19. I’m so happy things turned out this way… Thank u based critic for finally doing this

  20. “She builds a giant wall of ice….”

    I see where you’re going! In response, the trolls use their magic to mutate people into giants in an attempt to climb over the wall. Elsa dies in the coming battles and, generations later, mankind slowly builds a great stone wall to take the place of the ice wall as it slowly melts. The troll’s plan never works and they eventually go extinct, but their giants, or Titans, remain! It makes so much sense!!!

    ….. Orrr maybe he’ll go for an Atlantis thing……. That, too….

  21. My reaction when I saw the ending: MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  22. I was ready to say this is the worst, pointless NC video ever.

    Now I want to see Doug in James’ Nerd Basement.

  23. First “Ghost Rider” and the sequel, then “Daredevil”, and now “TMNT”. Do you have the “Hulk” of Ang Lee in your list? Because, to be fair…. I think that movie was GREAT. Everyone says me tht sucks, but I can’t understand why. Maybe if someone like you reviews it entirely I could understand it.

    • Because it doesn’t feel like a Hulk movie. Too dark, not enough good action, bad CGI, Hulk Poodles, not a very good villain/villain fight. Ah well, I guess it doesn’t matter after the much better and more epicfied Incredible Hulk movie came out.

  24. Well, while you’re taking requests… could you please, please, PLEASE do Balto!??????? That’s like my favorite, non-Disney animated movie, and I’ve been waiting FOREVA for you to review it!! Pwease? 🙁

  25. Now they’re going to steal your idea for Frozen 2 and use it.

  26. NC and AVGN

  27. I wonder if they might incorporate anything from Once Upon a Time into either the plot or the characters personalities.

  28. Hey doug! are you ever gonna do a crossover with erod?

  29. I actually didn’t hear about Frozen 2 until now. I got a good kick out this! 😀 I’m pretty excited for next week’s video.

    I already watch Blockbuster Buster.

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