Nostalgia Critic: The Room

Is this the best worst movie ever? Find out in the Nostalgia Critic’s review of The Room.

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  1. How the youtube comments say:
    “And the legend was born.”

  2. -This is a very fun movie
    -The future seems interesting
    -How do the other reviewers talk to you your in the future?
    -He is a fun actor
    -He is fucking her tits
    -This movie maybe bad but it sales cause its fun it even has a game made about it
    -Sex on the stares is something one should try before judging
    -The flower scene is so funny
    -The girlfriend is dumb
    -She says that he dosen’t drink so it makes no scene that he would hit her cause she knows him
    -14:04 – this is a amazing movie one of the best scene of acting
    -He trusts that Danny will not do anything that is why he is calm
    -Guys talk about women a lot so the talk about sex is nice
    -He should haw shoot her not himself cause i liked him
    -Why didn’t the seahorses not going back in time and arrested you?
    -I think this movie was an experiment witch is why its like this and it made well cause is fun

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