Nostalgia Critic: The Secret of NIMH 2

Nostalgia Critic: The Secret of NIMH 2

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  1. honestly, I’ve never even heard of this sequel. (probably because it was a Direct-To-DVD release)
    and I must admit, I’m glad I never heard of it or seen it around. man,..
    you can see the degradation right in the animation, it’s so unworthy.
    Mel Brooks once said; “you only see something new, once”, that’s why he never liked to give any of his films sequels. and honestly, along with a many other reasons, seeing films like this, I really get his point.
    it’s extremely rare to have a sequel surpass its predecessor. and it’s mostly because of incompetence, primarily of the caliber you see in this flick. honestly, no matter what movie they are sequeling,
    I always get a cringe of uncertainty when I hear of one coming out. and justifiably so.

  2. MGM made this. And according to recent news, they apparently got the rights to reboot the entire franchise.

  3. Mouse boobies by the way.

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