Nostalgia Critic: The Secret of NIMH 2

Nostalgia Critic: The Secret of NIMH 2

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  1. honestly, I’ve never even heard of this sequel. (probably because it was a Direct-To-DVD release)
    and I must admit, I’m glad I never heard of it or seen it around. man,..
    you can see the degradation right in the animation, it’s so unworthy.
    Mel Brooks once said; “you only see something new, once”, that’s why he never liked to give any of his films sequels. and honestly, along with a many other reasons, seeing films like this, I really get his point.
    it’s extremely rare to have a sequel surpass its predecessor. and it’s mostly because of incompetence, primarily of the caliber you see in this flick. honestly, no matter what movie they are sequeling,
    I always get a cringe of uncertainty when I hear of one coming out. and justifiably so.

  2. MGM made this. And according to recent news, they apparently got the rights to reboot the entire franchise.

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