Nostalgia Critic: The Wizard

Nostalgia Critic: The Wizard

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  1. I was hoping it was some kind of Tron-esk kind of movie, but… only in dreams… only in dreams.

  2. The guy who played Lucas did not end up well. He reeeeally didn’t.

    • you know, for a while I was thinking that the critic should have Lucas guest appear on his show. but reading up on what he was up to in his “activities”,.. yeah, I wouldn’t blame Doug if he said no to the idea of Jackey Vinson appearing on the show. lol

  3. Another movie that I’ve never seen and had never even heard of until first seeing this review. Anyway, I really love the Critic’s responses to Lucas.

    Top 3 funniest Critic comments are:

    Nintendo: It makes you gay.

    Who greenlighted the old man in the speedo?!

    Nintendo: It makes you want to touch children.

  4. Funny
    Lucas sucks

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