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It’s TMNT 2007, a movie that is missing a lot of key components. Plot, Character Development, and much more.

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Zoey Posthuman

Actually, it’s a sequel to the original movies.

Think of Jackie

I think I’d heard of this movie before seeing this review but have definitely never seen it… or anything ninja turtles related other than Critic reviews.

Top 3 funniest Critic comments are:

He sounds like Mr. Miyagi if he smoked a million Marlboros.

…who look like the cast of Street Fighter if they ate the Transformers.

Maybe he was a pixie dust junkie and just exploded on too many happy thoughts.

Fincan from Mexland

You don’t mess with Mako, Mother fucker.

Axel Nexi

this video won’t load


The title at the top of the page says “TMNT Movies”, yet the video shows the review of the 2007 movie “TMNT”.

The review of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movies” is missing from the site.

I know he made fun of Splinter and had no intention of insulting Mako, but he’s actually right. Splinter’s voice did sounded different and it wasn’t like the Splinters he heard before. I never knew Mako either. When I saw the movie, Splinter’s voice sounded much the same as Zuko’s uncle from Avatar and it was the same guy. So I looked him up on Wikipedia and there he was on that picture and it was him before he died. Again, sounding different and I was not a fan of the Turtles yet, not until I saw the film then… Read more »

Actually, Mako voiced Uncle Iroh. Zuko was voiced by Dante Bosco.


That’s what I said.