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The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 4th Year Anniversary of – To Boldly Flee.

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  1. I didn’t like this movie. Anyway, great review, as always.

  2. Bloodsehd113094

    Are we getting this instead of an actual review this week?

    • Bloodsehd113094

      At least this was a funny one. I didn’t watch this one when it came out and a year later I watched it and immediately forgot it. I still liked it, but at least this review made me consistently laugh

      • i feel like this was made because he ws talking to mike j and they both decided “hey,why not?”
        i mean they’re both reviewing them

        • Bloodsehd113094

          I’m pretty sure these were DVD extras that are just being uploaded to the sight now to troll Mike J. Mainly because he’s still in the plot hole, which is how he planned to explain why the NC would only be every once in a while after ending the show before just dropping Demo Real and getting back to basics.

        • The ones NC is posting, though, were bonus features on one of the DVDs. He’s just putting them up on the website for the first time.

  3. This movie was made at the absolute peak of this website.

    Good times. Lots of good memories.

    • Agreed. I felt this movie marked the beginning of a different transition for the site.

      • Indeed. It’s most probably just coincidence, but somehow things started changing after this movie. Not immediately of course, but it kind of marked the start.

        Doug himself tried something new to replace NC, and it didn’t work at all. Thankfully he came to his senses and went back. (And to my delight, the quality of the NC episodes has not, IMO, dropped at all.)

        But then some people started dropping out, or simply not making content almost at all. Then a big bunch of new people came in, somehow, with variable quality of content. (It may be a bit harsh to say, but IMO the average content of the new people is… not all that great. My personal opinion, of course, but that’s how I feel.) Then the domain and layout changes…

        I’m glad that the “big ones” (ie. NC, Linkara and Cinema Snob) are still as good as ever, so there’s no need to panic.

        But yeah, this move marked the beginning of some kind of transition.

  4. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    I wonder why he never did a review of Epic Brawl? I mean, yeah it wasn’t a multipart epic like the 2nd-4th year anniversaries, but it was still noteworthy. But I guess he’d have to get into a whole recap of “the Nostalgia Cricket vs the Angry Video Game Bird” feud or something like that, so maybe he stuck with the other specials because they were consistent.

  5. Reviews about a bunch of reviewers who reviewed all those movies that served as source material for CS/TGWTG anniversaries movies. Movies that are, in fact, giant reviews, reviewed by NCl as a third party, pointing out plot holes ”planted” in those movies on purpose. Brilliant! *Pass the bottle with pain killers. please!*

  6. thatkidwiththepimples

    I’m not complaining about all the man-nipples

  7. AVGN’s role in this never made sense to me. Who was he suppose to be?

  8. I really enjoyed TBF and it’s my second favorite of the anniversary specials. It really looked like Doug wanted to put everything he had into making a more stellar production and it shows. A lot less silly jokes, a more serious storyline, and much much much more improved production values.

    I didn’t know it at the time, but it did feel like TBF was going to be a sendoff for the anniversary specials and the NC…… and it came true. We did get the rebooted NC not too long after, and Dragonbored as the “unofficial” 5th year anniversary, but I really do miss the anniversary specials and seeing everyone get together. We’ve had some awesome crossovers from Linkara, Some Jerk, and some NC episodes, but nothing at the level of the specials.

    I’ve only seen TBF 2 times in it’s entirety when it premiered and when I got the DVD. I think I’ll pop it in again this weekend for old times sake.

  9. Really enjoyed that movie. Back when channel awesome still was awesome, i visited the website daily instead of monthly, spooney was still around ect.
    For me it went straight downhill from there…. But that was the absolute peak.

  10. Low budge? You’re being too nice. I don’t see any evidence of a budget.

  11. Anyone else besides me cringe at the “Channel Awesome just fired everyone in one swoop for shits and giggles” line? I feel like with recent events that should’ve been edited out…

  12. I actually, really, REALLY enjoyed this one.

  13. I think he was rather harsh with these reviews. I know it’s a review and he is being critical, but I think those of us who enjoyed these anniversary specials know the budget was virtually non-existant, the cast were reviewers on the site and had their own characters which were shoe-horned in to the story for each one. Many different things which could be complained about.

    What I see was an increasingly better set of feature=length ‘movies’ that showed a definite improvement overall as they went on.

    With Kickassia, I felt the characters were being ‘too stupid’. It was a fun premise (if not completely ridiculous) but the characters came off as complete idiots most of the time. An aspect of that movie that I didn’t like.

    Suburban Knights showed more polish and the characters were smarter than the previous movie. The plot was a bit more intricate and the stakes actually felt higher.

    To Boldly Flee, showed a greater improvement overall from the previous 2 movies, and it being a kind of sequel to the previous one, allowed for just about everyone to have a bit of the spotlight. But at over 3.5 hours it did feel too long. But FirstAngelus is right, it was definitely the peak.

    I didn’t care for the 5th year anniversary.

  14. To Boldly Flee. The movie that broke up Channel Awesome.

  15. This was at least meh at the worst and pretty entertaining at the best for me. Although, that might be because this is a sort of peusdo-sequel to Suburban Knights.

  16. I notice there’s no mention of the attempted political subtext. Presumably this is because the SOPA controversy faded into obscurity seemingly within minutes.

  17. For all the times when the NC would complain about some of the movies out there, at least now he understands just how freaking hard it is to actually make one!

  18. Trent Carpenter

    Oh all the gay jokes, the tastelessness wont end.
    Eff you political correctness (sarcasm)

    • Yeah, the last one was really cringe-worthy and cheap. It’s like when they sang “Sure it’s dumb, sure it’s gay! But we like it anyway!” in the Moulin Rouge video — I get that it rhymes, but it’s still tasteless.

  19. The Critic reviewing his own anniversary movies from inside the plot hole created through one of said movies… It’s so…so…meta!

    It was fun watching you turn those critic goggles on your own work, Doug. Nicely done!

  20. Yeah the Nostalgia Cricket is totally not you yourself critically destroying your own work.

  21. OMG the Nostalgia Cricket is Phelous just kidding, my sister always knew he would say that, you Mr. Self-Denial NC.

  22. Oh dont worry, the movie is meta so that means all the plot holes get are perfectly OK.

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