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The Nostalgia Critic presents the Top 11 Catchiest Theme Songs.

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Think of Jackie
Okay, so here are my thoughts on this list. #11: My brother and I are probably the only 2 kids in the world that never got into that show. So I haven’t really heard the theme song that much in my life. #10: I never really cared for that show. Probably because I’ve never liked reading. So that’s another theme song I never heard that much. #9: I remember watching the game show from time to time but never knew until a few years ago that there was an animated show as well. So I am familiar with the game… Read more »

#10.The synthesizer is fun but the rest is crap and not catchy
#8.This was good
#7.Yes one can say it is nice to hear it
#6.No this is not a good theme
#5.Fuck yes
#4.Now this one is so catchy and fun
#3.Not all are that good but they are entertaining
#2.Show ok funny Inspector and a fun song
#1.Ha yes its so catchy and i like it


Love all of these songs. Another two are the SWAT Cats and Justice League Unlimited theme. They don’t have lyrics but they’re so awesome I still have a hard time not air guitaring to them