Nostalgia Critic: Top 11 Coolest Cliches

The Nostalgia Critic counts down his Top 11 Movie Cliches.

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  1. They are awesome
    #11.It is pointless but it douse looks great but only a little tips of people can make it cool
    So you like crying so why don’t you cry Critic common cry well cry common cry you baby
    #9.Only if the past is cool and not something shit
    #8.It sounds wonderful
    Do you even know what you said what your Klingon choir
    #7.It is a pride thing its the one who is a fighter
    #6.It douse. Its best to haw a detachable one
    #5.You need to be a badass
    #4.Only if its done wright but you put it to high on the list other are better
    Fuck everyone the Darth Vader scene was good emotional you all just don’t get it
    #3.Why is it evil its just a lough
    #2.Very nice
    #1.It makes things look epic but only if the wright time to use it

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