Top 11 Coolest Cliches – Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic counts down his Top 11 Movie Cliches.

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They are awesome #11.It is pointless but it douse looks great but only a little tips of people can make it cool #10.MEh So you like crying so why don’t you cry Critic common cry well cry common cry you baby #9.Only if the past is cool and not something shit #8.It sounds wonderful Do you even know what you said what your Klingon choir #7.It is a pride thing its the one who is a fighter #6.It douse. Its best to haw a detachable one #5.You need to be a badass #4.Only if its done wright but you put… Read more »
Varion Wolf

With the walking in a line. If a group of heroes walks or stands in a line, you get the feeling like this is the line that no one crosses. “we will hold this line to the last man” or something to that affect. Then with villains its more of “You shall not pass” type of feeling, where the villains push the heroes back. And then the best part is when the two lines face off, with the feeling of immovable meets irresistible force.