Top 11 Hottest Animated Women

The Nostalgia Critic presents his Top 11 Hottest Animated Women.

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Think of Jackie
Okay, so here are my thoughts on this list. #11: Not that familiar with her since I’ve only seen a few episodes of the show. Who do people like accents so much? #10: Have no clue who she is since I’ve never seen the show. #9: Heard about the show but never seen it. #8: Only seen a few episodes of the TV show and she was pretty much the only thing I liked about it. #7: Haven’t seen very much of that show, but I definitely remember her. #6: Have no clue who she is since I’ve never seen… Read more »
I’m just kinda upset he *did not* put *CATWOMAN* on this list! I mean, yes, we all know Harly was a Lot of fun, but…COME ON! Dude, *she needed* to be on this list! Actually, hear what…I’m gonna make a *whole new list of animated hot chicks!* I’ll try to stick to the more popular/longer standing/better well known cartoons, most which moved beyond a single season. So sorry to Amy Brighttower from _Galaxy High_, Lark and Shana from _Beverly Hills Teens_ and Futura from Filmations _Ghostbusters_; maybe next time. So, without any more adoo, here are MY suggested honorable mentions… Read more »
#11.Gi is much better #10.She is ok i guess #9.Dud Sailor Mars is much better she is more beautiful then Sailor moon and has a better personalty. There is a comics on the internet that a person made where sailor moon is shoot during the transformation #8.Mmm yes she is lovely #7.There are hotter Nurses but i do say Ouuuuu Yes #6.Not really #5.she is pretty in movies she don better.Why do people thought that Velma was a lesbo she liked guy’s did you even saw the show #4.Oooohhh fuck yes #3.She is a hotness #2.They are not as hot… Read more »
Nameless Joe

Chell, from the Way to El Dorado!

She is way way waaaaaaay hotter than Jessica Rabbit.


I don’t about what he said at the end this is still my only response to this list.

#11. Yes, it´s the hotter girl on that show. #10. I was too young to watch G.I Joe, so i pass. #9. Sailor Venus over Moon; yes they are similar, but i like more Sailor Venus #8. I disagree on one condition. Poison Ivy shows more skin, so it´s my N°1. Harley Quinn comes (PHRASING) at second. Third: Batgirl. #7. Hello Nurse. Probably the hottest nurse EVER in comics. #6. I didn´t watch Thundercats a lot, so i pass. #5. I disagree. I like more Velma. #4. Yes, April O´Neil, the hottest journalist EVER in comics #3. I didn´t watch… Read more »

back then before the 14 years old chant began i remebered it


Sailor Mercury was my preference over Sailor Moon.