Top 11 Most Awesome Movie Themes

What are the best musical scores in movies? Join the Nostalgia Critic as he counts down His 11 favorite!

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  1. I’ve just rewatched this because, hey, why not?
    Though I only have most of the movies you’ve covered, I have all but one of those themes (I don’t have Mortal Kombat. No reason, I just don’t. Okay, I don’t think I have that follow-up Rocky theme – but I do have ‘Gonna Fly Now’) on CD. (Though – which Transformers theme do you mean in the closing credits? Cartoon? Michael Bay movie?)

    Love your tastes on this… but one thing drives me curious.
    It just seems like there were a few names you might’ve mentioned; John Williams. Howard Shore. Alan Silvestri. Basil Poledouris. Klaus Badelt. Monty Norman.

    I mean, you credit Danny Elfman, U2, and even Limp Bizkit for Mission: Impossible, but not Lalo Schifrin. You gave your reasons why you like those versions better, and I respect them, but why not say who actually wrote it?

    Then you credit Danny Elfman again for Batman – but he’s the only composer you credit at all. Why him?

    Uh, nothing against him, though. I’ll put it this way: You think the Batman theme is awesome in the movie? On CD / iTunes?
    You should hear it live… it’s transcendent.
    (I spent hundreds of dollars to go seem a live concert of Danny Elfman music a couple of months ago – he came on to perform Jack Skellington’s part, but was otherwise absent.)

    I’m just kind of wondering about the names.
    Oh, and loving your choices.

  2. No ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan’? Such a pity. There were so many great tracks from that movie.

    You’ve got a decent list of your own there.

  3. No Jurassic Park theme? Seriously, Critic?

  4. Themes are really great cause life can be boring
    #11.This is a booming theme that is so much fun. Star Wars is better
    #10.This is a ok music its enjoyable but its small
    #9.This is such a great one a really nice beat. Limp Bizkit is a really good band
    #8.So amazing the five notes are so freaky cool
    #7.Indiana Johns is a really great song its so adventuring but the Superman is not that good its more boring
    #6.Movies are awesome and the theme is awesome they suit so wright with one another
    #5.O so FUCK yes its so EPIC. The movies were really good the shame its PG
    #4.I find this not to be really that great MK is better
    #3.O yes it is really cool
    #2.Badass music great music for slaughter
    #1.Its not the best of them all but it is good

  5. Speed should be on this list.

  6. While not nearly as good as what’s on the list, I have to give props to the theme of Spy Kids. That small guritar riff at the start sticks to your head.

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