Nostalgia Critic: Top 11 Trailers

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  1. Hobbit-In-The-Hole

    Well…Hitchcock said that between surprising the audience for 15 seconds with an explosion and making them feel the suspense for 15 minutes letting them know that there was a bomb under the table he preferred the second one. So I guess that with that trailer he respected his ideas. XD

    • It’s like he’s an author of a book (well he is but hear me out) and he knows everything to come, so he wants to share it with everyone but at the same time enjoy teasing us with how little we know.

      It’s like he’s toying with his fans and knows the more he tugs at their curiosity, the more they will want to see it. Nobody care’s what he said, in fact they’d forgot most of it at the end of the trailer; but it’s how he says it that pulls people in.

      Only hitchcock and take the “Tease Trail” out of Teaser Trailer 😀

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