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Coming Soon to a Top 11 List near you! The Nostalgia Critic counts down the Top 11 Movie Trailers!

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  1. Hobbit-In-The-Hole

    Well…Hitchcock said that between surprising the audience for 15 seconds with an explosion and making them feel the suspense for 15 minutes letting them know that there was a bomb under the table he preferred the second one. So I guess that with that trailer he respected his ideas. XD

    • It’s like he’s an author of a book (well he is but hear me out) and he knows everything to come, so he wants to share it with everyone but at the same time enjoy teasing us with how little we know.

      It’s like he’s toying with his fans and knows the more he tugs at their curiosity, the more they will want to see it. Nobody care’s what he said, in fact they’d forgot most of it at the end of the trailer; but it’s how he says it that pulls people in.

      Only hitchcock and take the “Tease Trail” out of Teaser Trailer 😀

  2. i think the best trailer is the 1st avengers. it was all bewto me and i loved all the ideas of a lot of super heros coming together

  3. In the last year I’d say Age of Ultron (they made it seem significantly more grim and dark than the movie actually was), but going a little further back I’d go with Wreck-It Ralph or Argo (both are movies I wouldn’t have seen had it not been for a trailer good enough to lure me in).

  4. I think the best trailers are those that give you a really huge emotional experience all on their own separated from their movie counterparts. And because movies are advertising, they should obviously sway you from your previous thoughts on the movie. For that reason, my favorite trailer from the past year has got to be Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It might seem cliched and the obvious choice since it’s destroying at the box office lately, but the trailer got me hyped for a movie I was absolutely dreading. I had NO hopes for Star Wars, but seeing those familiar faces accomplished the job they were meant to. And I think the positive of that trailer is when you THINK about it, the trailer utilized the old cast so much more than the movies did. It was a perfect way of luring in the audience with the familiar into a new extension of the story. In my opinion, it helped Episode VII stand on its own.

  5. The best trailer is the one from Alien.

  6. 2 star wars force awakens tralier

  7. One of the best trailers that made me want to watch a movie so bad was the chicken little trailer “the sky is falling the skyyy is falling” lol ?????

  8. The best trailer, or at least my favorite is the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind trailer

  9. C’mon, the best movie trailer is OVIOUSLY the 2016 Ghostbusters trailer!

  10. Part of the trailer is actually still in the movie right after the random guy sings about giving spider man a hug it zooms out on his eye and if you do it in slow motion you can see the twin towers with the webbed helicopter

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