Top 11 Villain Songs

Everyone loves the bad guy and especially their soundtrack.

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  1. #11.Its funny
    #10.Except for the puppets the song is really great
    #9.It is quite nice
    Randy is not that bad
    #8.It is a very nice song.The movie is great but i hate the ending
    #7.The Transvestite one is very funny i like it.The Dentist i don’t like at all
    #6.This is a wonderful one i always like it
    #5.Its very great
    #4.I really don’t like it
    #3.I really enjoy it
    I really like villain songs

  2. My personal fave is “Master of the House” from Les Mis!

  3. I feel that list need a update.. not that there is many new villain songs as there is distinctive lack of those in media. But ironically there is one TV series what bring many great songs of that genre (flame shield), I mean My Little Pony. But seriously: This Day Aria, Battle of the Bands, Under our Spell, In Our Town, Unleash the Magic, Say Goodbye to the Holiday, We Will Stand For Everfree and honorable mentions for (as those are ex-villains): Luna’s Future and The Midnight In Me. Seriously this series has many great villains!

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