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The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1995’s box office bust Waterworld.

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  1. i like water world, and what is wrong with Kevin Costner he was good in robbin hood and the post man

  2. I say fuck everyone who hates this movie cause i like it its a great movie
    Maybe he acts as a person that dosen’t care about anything
    Why douse a main character have to be a hero they are not obligated to be a hero
    Not being able to swim is normal some are just not able to learn
    I am fine with this movie it may haw some bad parts but witch movie doesn’t (All of the star Wars)

    • Well the problem is it isn’t just caring about people, he just doesn’t come across as caring about anything in general, you could probably stab the guy and he wouldn’t give a shit from the way he acts.
      I have no problem with a main character not wanting to be a hero and I don’t see how it matters to much.
      However the swimming thing is rather ridiculous in this movie. Why? because that would be a necessary skill for anybody in this world to survive, so there is no reason for the girl not to be able to swim, while plenty of people in the real world can’t swim, it’s not necessary for our survival. This is a world in which land is practically a fairy tale, where people live completely off the water. Swimming would be as important as knowing how to walk, if not more.]
      I don’t have a problem with this movie, it isn’t great, but it isn’t necessarily a bad movie either so.

    • ALL of the Star Wars? I’d be careful throwing that out. Even the originals have a few issues. Also, there may very well be some people who are simply incapable of swimming, but he does teach her to swim, so she definitely is not one of them.

  3. The thing I always wondered was…why the hell did they need the girl…just copy the map and then let her go. It would be a lot less headache..Take a bit of charcoal from a fire and make a sketch.Or if you are really that hard up..tattoo someone else.

  4. This movie is a favorite, but it definitely had some problems. Costner just doesn’t seem that into it, neither do the female leads, until the action scenes.
    Might be because most of the movie was on that little boat. Lol

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