Nostalgia Critic: We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story

Doug takes a nostalgic look at 1993’s We’re Back!

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  1. Fozzie Journalism…. Hunter S. Thompson parody….

  2. Raul Puke needs to make a return!

  3. -This is a stupid movie
    -I don’t get it how did becoming smarter changes how you look cos the dinosaurs looked here like dinosaurs as best as they could given this is a cartoon but once they gotten smarter how did they gotten to look more cartoony
    -9\11, The Kennedy Assassination and Purl harbor were meant to happen such changes are dangerous even if they sound like they would be great one cannot know how it would affect the world the same with Hitler for one if it wasn’t for Hitler there would be no Red Cross.Hitler wasn’t even the worse person in history and yet people act as if he was
    -Yes child services need to be called
    -Agree with the hat part
    -I am sure many guys would change places with this kid
    -They jut saw this Dinosaurs sing and dance do they really think they are dangerous or really real cos where is the talk by historians about dinosaurs dancing and singing
    -The clown is funny
    -I like this Circus
    The ending is cool with the crows

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