Why Does Everyone Hate the Cable Guy?

It’s one of Jim Carrey’s most hated films, but why? Does everyone really hate 1996’s The Cable Guy?

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  1. I liked The Cable Guy. I thought it was funny the same way Dumb and Dumber was funny. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was the one I didn’t think was that entertaining.

  2. I also don’t hate The Cable Guy, because I can see than Jim Carrey wanted to do something different before doing The Truman Show.

  3. Well, you’ve got a stalker film being done as a comedy, particularly one with a man-child stalker (where the victim is barely a note) making it instead a black comedy and you have to put up with Carrey’s lisp the entire film that, ultimately, it’s not a joy to watch. At least when Robin Williams did One Hour Photo, it was a dramatic performance.

  4. I think it’s interesting that Stiller’s first movie, Reality Bites, was well liked at first, but since then audience opinion has turned on it, meanwhile this, his second movie, was hated then, but people have grown to like it now.

    Also, too dark for me? My favorite movie is A Clockwork Orange, what does that tell ya?

  5. It feels like you were using the same points over and over again throughout the entire video… This entire editorial can be summed up in a few sentences, bar some slight elaboration:

    “It was Jim Carrey’s most hated film, but was it really that bad? No, probably not, people didn’t really understand it and at the time it was a bit of an odd topic to make a film from. It was dark, but it had humor and the movie was actually made quite well. I’d recommend giving it another watch and perhaps you can judge for yourself if it really was that bad.”

  6. And now for something completely different! For Sibling Rivalry, could you two bring back the set you used for Minions 2? You know, the one back in 2013 with the headset mics and the chairs? Not that I don’t love looking at your amazing bookshelf, but your current location feels a little standard. The old one felt very professional. Just wanted to get that out.


  8. my brother rented this movie and batman forever at the same time i was a big fan of both this was about a year or less after it came out.

  9. Do you do requests for editorials? If so, I’d love to see a Top 11 Good Things about Pokémon or Top 11 Good Things About My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Come on, you did one for the Star Wars prequels, you can do it for these guys! If nothing else, just make an editorial about those two! Just ask why people like them. Better yet, why you DON’T like them!

    • He never said he didn’t like Pokemon or My Little Pony. At least not to the extent he dislikes the Star Wars prequels. He just said he didn’t grow up with Pokemon, so it’s not his thing, and he said he’s watched a little bit of My Little Pony and he says it’s a good show and is way better than the version from the 80’s, it’s just not his thing.

  10. People hate it other than me? I usually hear praise on this from my friends.

  11. I don’t hate it, but I do find it to be one of his more forgettable movies. Whenever I hear it mentioned, the first thing to come to mind is all the hate it receives, but I honestly have a hard time remembering any scenes from the movie, itself.

  12. I’ve NEVER heard of this movie before. What I don’t understand is all the Matthew Broderick hate. Sure he wasn’t that good in Godzilla, but he was good in Lion King.

    I might check out Ask Lovecraft.

    • The Broderick hate is because he’s a sellout as well as in bad movies, I guess? I looked through his IMDB page and most of the movies he’s in I either haven’t seen, or they look bad. The only thing I hate about him is that he was the voice of Tack in the shitty sell-out garbage version of The Theif and the Cobbler, originally a literal marvel of animation and film making.
      I adore him in Lion King, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Louie, though. Also he’s good in Bee Movie, Adventure Time, 30 Rock, and Trainwreck. To be fair though, in a few of those he’s either in it for a few minutes, and/or playing himself.

  13. Same reason I hated “What About Bob?”

  14. I saw this movie for the first time when it came onto Netflix a year or two ago.
    I really liked it! At the very least, for me, most of it was just funny enough- but I remember especially liking the parts where Carrey is wooing Brodrick’s family and girlfriend.
    I honestly had no idea that this movie was so hated. I knew it wasn’t a crowd favorite, due to the lack of hearing about it, but hate is so strong, and I guess they were hating it for the wrong reasons.
    I liked it and I’ll probably watch it again sometime!

  15. I’m gonna go on record as admitting that what really turns me off of “The Cable Guy” is Matthew Broderick. I have a very low tolerance level for the actor.

  16. When I first saw this kinda liked it. Then afterward, each time I saw it again I liked it less. Some parts were okay but some were just spiteful.

  17. I liked this film. I think everybody did a great job with it.

  18. Huh, really weird. I got a total kick out of it when I was little, but then again…..I also thought Dumb and Dumber was hilarious as all hell. Recently I rewatched the latter film and 40 minutes in, it just became an absolute chore. I got nothing but fond memories of this movie though, so I hope I didn’t get too grown-up for it.

    Also, that fur-covered wheel…..he used the same damn van in those two movies, didn’t he? XD

  19. can you please review heavyweights!?

  20. I don’t actually know actors or directors. So an argument like “too dark for Jim” would never have come across my mind. Other than that, I’ve only seen like the first half or so. Only remember that it was an OK movie up to that part at least.

  21. I actually love that movie.

  22. My roomate and i made the mistake of watching this one night thinking it was going to be a funny Jim Carrey movie. Needless to say we where both holding pillows by the middle and I don’t think she’s forgiven me.

  23. I loved it at the time, there has never been a time when I though it was a horrible film. To be fair though, back in the day Jim Carey could do no wrong in my eyes.

  24. I for one did not hate this movie when I first saw it. But anyway, you talked about a film with Mathew Boderick without one “That’s a lot of fish!” joke? Impressive! 😛

  25. I’ll tell you why I hate the Cable Guy. That son of a bitch owes me five bucks, and has been avoiding me!

  26. I had no idea there were people who hated this movie. There probably the same weirdos who refuse to see Batman: Mask of The Phantasm when it came out. Everyone I knew loved this movie!!! One of Jim Carrey’s finest works. The only downfall was Matthew Broderick playing his straight man.

  27. 50 dolla me love you long time

  28. Can you please do a Nostalgia Critic review on the movie Freddie As F.R.O.7?

  29. 3:05 – “He’s obsessed with TV from the past. He thinks life is one big show. He has a problem with boundaries.”

    The Nostalgia Critic?

  30. Didn’t know people hate this movie, I thought it’s a masterpiece.

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