Why is Nothing Original Anymore?

We all say we’re sick of it, so why do we keep seeing it, and why is nothing original anymore?

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  1. Wasn’t Batman originally inspired by Zorro?

  2. Be careful guys. Doug doesn’t believe in free speech. If you post negative comments about him, he will ban you. He’s that sensitive.

  3. Zartan The Destroyer

    So in other words: People are slavish sheep spouting all sorts of platitudes about living for today and taking risks, but in the end total hypocrites and would rather watch a familiar car crash than the unknown potential masterpiece over 10-15 dollars in entertainment.

    Great, no wonder people get all uppity at my attitude. I ONLY watch the risky original stuff, I refuse to give any money to rehash or obvious crap.

    I’m not conditioned zombie, and apparently that scares people.

  4. No, “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead” are not good shows. Just like many adaptions, they change the main story too much. They make male characters who were not as keen on fighting in the books more badass moments, because God forbid a male character is no a masculine badass (well, I have to admit, I prefer the show’s version of Jon to the whiney Gary Stu in the books), and downplay female character’s roles (Michonne), make characters attractive because God forbid normal people play roles, and generally overshadow the books.
    For example, how many people do you see saying “A Song of Ice and Fire” or “The Others” online or in general? If I look for fanart of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, it is not as much as “Game of Thrones”. If I want to artwork of the “How To Train Your Dragon” books (which are much better), it is next to non-existent (I was reading both series way before they came to the screen).

    Yes, it can lead to the books receiving more attention, but one should know about them in the first place. I really want to slap people when they say things like the “Game of Thrones books”. I do not see Peter Dinklage as Tyrion (mainly because he looks nothing like him), or Toothless as a giant black dragon, and I see Camicazi, not Astrid. I see Gerda, Kai and the Robber Girl, not fucking Elsa, Anna and Kristoff (why, “Once Upon a Time”, WHY?! Well, at least Anna was good and it had the actual Snow Queen). I see “Mrs. Frisby”, not “Mrs Brisby”.

    TV/Film adaptions of books are for the lazy. That is not to say all adaptions are bad, but I just tend to prefer the original source material. Sometimes I can prefer an adaption, but I just feel they are pointless sometimes, when you can just read the book or comic.

    • So you’re nothing but a mindless, elitist snob? Gotcha.

      • How I am mindless? I read good books and don’t watch the TV show because I’m not a lazy sod, as I said. And I am not ‘elitist’. I am fed up of books being diminished or over shaped by their televisual and cinema adaptions. “Frozen” just sucks over all. And the fairy tale is more feminist than the film ever attempted to be (Mulan, Rapunzel, Tiana, Merida – THESE are the few badass females in Disney)

      • I am also sick of people only knowing about good series when the shows or films come out, to add onto the book thing. And comic books and comic book films are just boring, unoriginal, and full of damsels-in-distress, stuffed in the fridge, stereotyping of both genders (they consist of boring, violent or combative, macho males and feminine, non-violent/ranged females, and sexualizing of women). The same goes for most media. People can enjoy them, I prefer more original, interesting works.

        The only thing I found good about the Avengers films was Hulk punching Thor. I still laugh at that.

  5. Wow. Doug is saying absolutely NOTHING that hasn’t been said about Hollywood for the past 40 years. Good job, Doug.

  6. Hey Doug, speaking of originality – how about an Old vs New on The Evil Dead?

    (Spoiler: The old will probably win)

  7. Not sure if this has been said, but…

    I find it funny you put Secret of Nimh as an ‘original’ work we got. I love the movie, and it was an adaptation from some books, but my POINT is…

    Secret of Nimh is getting a remake. Funnily enough, you and Rob even did a video about this. So unless you already edited this video, seems like a silly choice of footage. X3

  8. Although I do want variety within films originality, I’d much rather get good adaptations than bad originals. When you get down to it, the godfather was an adaptation and Jack and Jill was an original.

  9. You can now add Scarface to the list now.


  10. One thing I’ve heard is that the money that the studios used to make from home video sales is what funded the films that were less of a sure bet financially. Now that streaming is taking a chunk out of those profits, the execs are being really conservative about what they’ll greenlight and they’re just going with what the charts tell them will be a solid moneymaker. There was a pretty good article about this in the new york times, but I can’t find it anymore.

    I personally don’t think hollywood is out of ideas, to me the problem is the producers and studio execs. Or maybe you could say that the execs are just responding to their business model taking a hit. Either way, it seems to take a miracle these days in order for something new to get produced. The best route seems to be going around the gatekeepers somehow, for example by becoming popular on the internet or with a book.

    and also:
    Why create anything new? How about because cinema is an artform and not just some kind of a commodity?

  11. What is that awesome animated 2-d film? “Song of the sea?” I’m so checking that out….

  12. It’s funny you highlighted The Chipmunks and Smurfs because they highlight two things I really have no interest in. First is funny animal cartoons done as live action. Those just suck. Second is fantasy world characters brought into the modern world for no good reason. Those always suck too.

  13. So sick of marvel. I used to be a fan, but this is getting ridiculous. I’ve dropkicked anything marvel has so hard I almost like it again because of so much more thor and captain america and hulk and I have no idea what else. And then they had the gall to make Wanda Maximoff suck. SO BAD. My favorite character in the entire mythology and they ruin it. A character more powerful than anything there is (See the House of M storyline) and they just…urgh. Part of her charm is that she’s beautiful AND powerful. But now she’s just powerful. You know what? I’m going to the toilet.

  14. What is this movie? o.o
    What is this movie? o.o
    What is this movie? o.o
    *sees Song of the Sea title*
    YAY! Thank you Doug, now to support 😀

  15. Anyone else looking forward to an Old vs. New of Poltergeist?

  16. The Song of the Sea trailer?!

    …Please tell me you’ve seen both of Tomm Moore’s films? I’m just saying, make sure you do.

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