Hammerman – Was That Real?

Yep, MC Hammer had a cartoon show. You can’t touch this…but who would want to? The Nostalgia Critic looks at the early 1990’s cartoon Hammerman, and asks Was That Real?

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  1. If you think Hammerman is bad, you should tackle the New Kids on the Block show from 1990. That show could not use the group to voice over themselves due to licensing issues.

  2. I know that this series was filed under the WTR category, as in “Was That Real?”… but it SHOULD also be filed under WTF: WHAT THE F***, HOLLYWOOD?! And there’s NOT a more “WHAT THE F***, HOLLYWOOD” animated series than Hammerman.
    To make it at least BEARABLE, we turned the TV screens dark and JUST listened. Or we closed our eyes. Because we could put up with hearing Hammerman, but we REFUSED to actually WATCH this piece of animated fecal matter!
    The ONLY time an actual company REALLY lived up to its name: this cartoon REALLY was… DiC.

  3. Kid ‘n’ Play had their own cartoon too. Critic, you should do a crossover with the Rap Critic and review that show.

  4. Hammer’s rap in the intro is sooooo bad, but I’ll bet you the producers were like, “Okay, Hammer. You need to slow down the beat and keep the rhymes simple simple simple because we are trying to market this to white suburban children and they get easily frightened by rap if they can’t easily understand it.”

  5. ILuvGundam2001

    Please do:
    WTR – Mega Man Star Force (Anime)
    WTR – Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi
    WTR – Out of Jimmy’s Head
    WTR – Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight

  6. What a wonderfully pointless cameo. I love it.

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