Small Wonder – Was That Real?

One of the worst TV shows of all time? The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at the 1980’s television show Small Wonder on this episode of Was That Real?

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  1. idk what you’re talking about this sounded interesting and funny the moment you started describing it.

  2. i am not sure how close this show was to when Alf air but i do remember spotting it on occasion. It never drew enough of my interest to actually watch it religiously. Man i love that time period when you got stuff like Misfit of science, Night court and so many tv show that never got out of the first season.

  3. “You couldn’t leave Gudenov alone.” I don’t know man, that’s a pretty damned good joke!

  4. Woah, woah, wait a sec! A guy creates a robot child who acts as his daughter, and despite all the obvious robot things she does, nobody ever catches on that she’s a robot? WTF that’s the premise of Dr. Slump!

  5. Oh my, thank you Critic, I freaking LOVED this show as a little kid. To the point where I actually started to sing along with the opening song when you played it in this video, more than 20 years later. It was probably my favorite after Inspector Gadget and Star Trek the Next Generation.
    Maybe this is partly responsible for my weird sense of humor.

    I have a suggestion for WTR, a show called Noozles that I genuinely wondered this about for years and years. AKA Binky the Wonderful Koala

  6. Lion of the Lord

    Speaks in deep Nostalgia Critic opera voice: Where is The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars Review? It is one that needs to be viewed.

    Speaks in normal voice: Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue, meh. Stupid in it’s own rights but it’s harmless. Still one should view it in order to understand the cast of characters in BLTGTM.

    P.S BLT Brave Little Toaster lol.

  7. Lion of the Lord

    Speaks in deep Nostalgia Critic opera voice: Where is Millionaire Dogs the 1999 cartoon movie? It is up there as one of the worst cartoon movies of all time. Just read what it say’s on the back of the movie box and tell me this is not worth viewing.

    (Five irresistible dogs and a zany parrot — J.D., Bella, Velvet, Sherman, Chuffie and the ever-squawking Emmo — live together under the protective roof of Miss Lilly’s House of Pets.

    These scruffy but adorable dogs are the best of friends, a real team. Who needs money when you’ve got your friends … and the security of Miss Lilly’s mansion? But then a sudden mega-inheritance turns these pups into a pack of pampered Millionaire Dogs. Quick as you can say “Who let the dogs out?”, these hot dogs are out of the fat and into the fire! Now they’re in for the biggest adventure of their lives. Can their “all-for-one and one-for-all” loyalty overcome their selfish newfound dreams of fame and fortune?

    This heartwarming comedy adventure has it all: beautiful animation in the classic style, memorable, lovable characters, and a great story driven by catchy pop songs.)

  8. Bloodsehd113094

    I’m pretty sure the Gudenov joke was supposed to have sympathetic awws, but the producers didn’t notice they were disgusted groans.

  9. Lion of the Lord

    Editorial Request: What’s with all the 2D animation hate? People these day’s don’t particularly like 2D animation anymore and so I wonder why? People use to love it, heck they couldn’t get enough of it. Most just wright it off as kid’s stuff. That’s right shows like, Avatar The Last Airbender, Tom and Jerry, Classic Disney and Classic Warner Brothers and movies like Land Before Time or Spirited Away all just kid’s stuff. Why? They say it’s not on par with CGI Movies/TV Shows or Live action Movie/TV Shows or even CGI Live Action Movies and TV Shows. So you are saying that Ted is on par with say something like Beauty and the Beast or Transformers 4 is greater than Balto?

    Or that Small Wonder is greater than Gargoyles or that X-Men is worse than Henry Danger? I know that there are good shows and movies as well as bad shows and movies with whatever medium but I ask why is 2D animation is so knocked down? Shouldn’t it be said that if the product is good that it shouldn’t matter what art style they use. 2D animation is good when it’s done right same goes for Live Action or CGI or CGI Live Action. I’m just asking for some equality. Doug this needs to be pointed out to the world. You did an editorial on CGI and this would work as sort of a sequel to it. So please do this request for we all want to see this medium return in full force.

    There’s money to be made in it, counties like Japan thrive on the 2D animation shows on their TV’s and movies such as Song of the Sea have made money on such items of choice. So why doesn’t our nation do that anymore. Is it because it’s cheaper, hey spend money to make money. Is it because we are just in a down slop or what. I like to have an answer or at least someone to talk about the subject more. So what do you say NC, a.k.a Doug Walker and several others in the background. Don’t you all miss 2D animation somewhere in your nostalgic hearts? Same goes for all reading this. So I ask again please do this.

    Abridged Mr. Popo Voice: Do not let the art style die! All these square movies make a circle….


      I agree! However, I think 3-D Stopmotion (Clay, Puppetery, models etc) is even more underrated mainly British Animation also (Watch many U.K Animation like Wallace & Gromit, Creature Comforts, The Snowman and it’s sequel, The Clangers etc)! I can’t stand it when people say animation is for kids! I’ve seen adult animated films the same as family films and I think it’s insulting when any of the presenters at the Academy Awards says Animation is for “Kids” or it’s just a genre! IT’S THE OTHER FORM OF FILMMAKING BESIDES LIVE-ACTION!

  10. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Wow this is a weird show but definitely agree that’s it’s not one of the worst sitcoms stuff like men at work,2 broke girls,bleep my dad says,one big happy etc. are way worse then this. But I was suprised to see that gutanov joke failed and got rejected by the shows audience. Can’t wait for next weeks review.

  11. “You couldn’t leave Godunov alone.” That’s Annoying Orange levels of lame puns.

  12. Lion of the Lord

    Editorial Request: What makes a Family and or TV Show?

    Another editorial request that can get one to think. Doug when you started the Avatar Vlogs you stated over and over again that it was a Kid’s show. But as time went you found yourself correcting yourself often that it was a family show and have since become firm in stating that it is a family show. What happened to change your title of it?

    Same goes with your Disneycember reviews. You started saying that Disney’s formula was about something meant for children. I respectfully disagree. Walt’s intent was never something for just kids he stated time and time again that he wanted it to be something meant for the family. Thus the Disney name is called a family one. In many cases you swung back and forth ranging to adult movies, to kid movies and even yes family movies.

    So here is my request. Since you are well versed in the subject why not give us your point of view on what you call a family product be it Movie or TV show.

  13. Lion of the Lord

    VLog Requests: Code Geass and Death Note need Vlogs….

  14. I’m sure you don’t look through the comments all that much, but I’ll recommend another WTR?

    Maniac Mansion (1990-1993)

    Based (barely, like, just the last names of the family) off the phenomenal LucasArts game of the same name. I think I caught 10 minutes of one episode off of USA. But apparently it ran in Canada for 3 years. Whoddathunkit?

    • Seconded. I’m very curious about this… apparently it was a sitcom, rather than a cartoon or anything like that. How often do you get a sitcom adaptation of a video game, and why that game in particular? I remember playing it at the time, but it wasn’t exactly famous like Mario or Sonic.

  15. Even heard of the little sitcom that couldn’t that’s near and dear to MY own heart, “Heil Honey, I’m Home!”?

  16. One of the cable channels where I live, they still show the reruns. But only on Sundays. Also a bonus thing, The Father and Son on this show also played father and son on Kate and Alley. Also Tiffany is still hot. I haven’t seen the rest of the cast. Now I want to rewatch this show.

  17. One of the biggest reasons it made it to 4 seasons was because it was a syndicated show. It came on at varying times on weekend afternoons, new episodes and old. It didn’t have to compete in prime time.

  18. And Playboy is not Porn, is Erotica at most.
    And after Internet is just boring.

  19. i used ro watch this show as a kid and i liked it a lot. really it is remembered as one of the worst sitcom ever? it wasnt boring at all and i remember it as funny.. 🙂

  20. This is the first WTR show that I don’t remember ever seeing or ever hearing about as a kid.

  21. Never heard of this show, but I was reminded of Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles during the review (because of the AI masquerading as the family’s daughter) which…I did not hate. River Tam was a Terminator; all arguments are invalid.

    I’m a fan of these new WTR? episodes; I always learn something new! That little girl is delightfully creepy.

  22. I never heard of Small Wonder, but after hearing about it, and the fact that it lasted for 4 seasons, it should have lasted the number of episodes as Hail Honey, I’m Home: ONE.

    4:29- …Worst. After school PSA special. EVER.

    7:38- My reaction to this show, exactly. Small Wonder: it is not a righteous dude.

    10:14- And anything by Seth MacFarlane is in the insulting category of TV shows. Fuckin’ hate that guy.

  23. SailorRustyBacon

    I’ve also never heard of Small Wonder. So… is it me, or does the neighbor kid look like she’s wearing a wig?

    I kinda like the type of old-timey dress that Vicky and the flute-playing girl, from the talent contest, wore.

    • SailorRustyBacon

      I’d also like to make an A.I. reference here: I’M DAVID! I’M ONE OF A KIND! I’M SPECIAL!! *as Haley Joel Osment smashes up his android clones and freaks out Jude Law*

  24. I suggest as a WTR? TV show to critique is the syndicated version of Flash Gordon.

  25. Sonic Underground video?

  26. I remember this show, but not all the clips shown- either I stopped watching at some point or not all seasons aired here (Puerto Rico.) Eh, it was funny enough in a dumb way. I do recall one episode that baffled me though, in which Vicky starts crying after her “grandfather” rejects for being a robot. Since up to this point she had always acted like a emotionless machine, this made no sense. Unless she was copying it from TV? I guess the writers just didn’t care, so neither did I.

  27. I used to watch this show and while not a huge fan I must say it had some charm.

    PS-Who else thinks that Vicki could’ve been a dead ringer for Nostalgia Chick? It might explain a LOT.


    I do remember that show from back in the day, but never watched it much. But I do remember seeing the actress who played the mother on another show, but so help me, I can’t remember where. I’ll have to check. It’s actually bugging me now.

  29. Lion of the Lord

    Home Alone 4, it’s worse than Home Alone 3 how do I know because A I’ve seen it and B nobody talks about it. At least with HA3 it’s at least known.

    • I’ve seen ALL of the Home Alone’s and I LIVED! What’s worse is that I liked all of them because I was a dumb kid. I think I lost some brain cells somewhere in there.

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