Doctor Who Classic – Episode 19: Voyage of the Damned

The Doctor must battle robot angels to save the world from the menace of the Titanic. I DARE you to make less sense.

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  1. I always assumed the cyborg hatred was because of the Cybermen. If one of the most ruthlessly murderous forces in the Universe are cyborgs there’s going to be some prejudice.

  2. So basically my favorite Doctor, David Tenant, and the only one I’ve really watched, is the one from the “worst” incarnation of the show. *sigh* Sounds about right.

  3. Hey I know that guy from Keeping up Appearences…having know his character for so long, seeing him creeping on a distraught woman and talking about peaople eating eachother is very weird and very wrong.
    And the Captain I know not only a main character in the comedy of As Time Goes by, but from his second appreance in Doctor Who, appearing in the first Silerian story arch all the way back during the third Doctor’s run; he died too

    I remember hearing of this episode from someone who saw it when it came out: considering it came out directly after one of the companions sadly left, this is miserable.

    And Kyile Minogue? Why? Maybe it’ll be clearer if we put our hands on our hearts…

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