Oh I Think I Shot My Oscar Meyer Wiener! – WTFIWWY Live

This week: new and exciting careers for your children as counterweights, when “using the wrong tool for the job” meets pepper spray, and the week after Halloween always means discount candy and horrible black face …

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  1. ( 17:18 ) I gladly will. Last time I ‘eat’ at a McDonalds, I got severe food poisoning. Understandingly not a fan, at all.

  2. There are 2 things that have really made me reevaluate my enjoyment of this show.

    The first, I recall Nash saying before that he doesn’t cover stories where someone got seriously injured. Now he makes fun of someone who shot himself.

    The second, I think it’s the people that are offended by Halloween costumes that there is something wrong with. The type of person that takes personal umbrage with things that weren’t directed at or involving them should not be entourage nor apologized to, they will only take it as validation that the perceived offender was in some way acting maliciously.

    • 1.) Nash put that very same disclaimer in front of the final story; yet you say you “recall” him saying it before, as if you had to search far back in your memory. And the disclaimer has always been “…unless they do it to themselves through their own sheer incompetence,” which very much applies to the story.

      2.) No. You do not have to be the target of bad behavior to recognize and criticize it. And the only thing an apology confirms is that the offending party knows the wrongness of their actions after the fact; it’s that they knew BEFORE the fact which rightfully draws critics’ condemnation.

      (By the way, the costume-goers were behaving very badly, by contributing to the alienation of outside cultures through the propagation of wrong/harmful stereotypes. If you’re not American, you ought to know that we have a very bad history regarding race relations in this country, and the current administration seems to be doing everything in its power to intensify the rifts.)

      • 1) Okay, yes, you’re right. The disclaimer is at 29:45. I had watched the video then hours later it occurred to me that it was an unusual story for Nash to cover. By then I had forgotten that he stated the disclaimer here as well.

        2) You’re applying a rational thought process to people who do not react rationally to things that were meant to be innocuous (Corn Pops). Moreover I question if people actually took offense, or if there was a big deal made about it on behalf of people they thought could possibly take offense (see Speedy Gonzales).

        (I don’t even mind that the hosts get political at times. I do think that their political leanings were poorly presented in this episode. As for the US’s history regarding race relations the intensifying of rifts started with the previous administration. You should take a closer look there to see who had been doing everything in their power to cause it.)

  3. @4:12 Did I accidentally get into a time machine to 1920?

  4. @5:15 Face palms

  5. So, every year, my local movie theater does a showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” for Halloween. And they have a costume contest. My friend wore a black turtleneck, black gloves, black pants, black shoes, black socks, painted her hair black, painted her face black, and painted her lips bright neon red. ANd she was the opening credits lips. She won.

    I didn’t think about it at the time, but nowadays, I’m torn about it, thinking, “Oh, this could have had the potential to go very VERY wrong.”

    • Hmmm, interesting. Out of context, yes, I see. But in context…well, I love those opening credit lips. Thinking only about that, I bet I would have loved her costume.

    • This shows why context is important. Your friend was doing nothing harmful. Yet you worry that harm could have come to her if someone had taken the costume out of context and applied their own meaning to it. Far from any motive they may claim for doing so, it’s only an excuse to incite violence.

      These days I wouldn’t be surprised if just saying that context is important could be taken as an inflammatory and racially intensive remark. Such is the state of modern society. Now ‘m going back to playing video games in an attempt to forget that politics is a thing that people are willing to punch someone in the face over, or that other people them for it.

  6. @13:59 Ladies, Gentlemen, and Gender Diverse Individuals, I give you the results of handing a lethal weapon to someone with the emotional maturity of a five year old.

  7. @15:18 I mean Jesus Christ I get embarrassed and stammeringly apologetic whenever I do twenty questions about the menu, correct them on my pronouns, or have to send an order back, because I know the person behind the counter is not being paid enough to be there.

  8. @32:29 Honestly why do you even load it? The moment you actually have to use that you’ve lost.

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