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In which we explore one of the thousand faces of the hero.

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  1. Interesting as I didn’t see the legend of Old Man Henderson as a celebration of spite. First of all, the player actually did try and talk with the GM about his behavior and was angrily rebutted.

    Second off, Old Man Henderson is a hero to me precisely because I don’t see him as trying to beat the GM as much as beat the very concept of cosmic horror. I mean one of Henderson’s titles is “the only man to win Call of Cthulhu.” That’s why I like the story or at least the idea of him, the man who looked upon the collection of mythos and not only wasn’t fazed or driven mad, not only did he fight back, he beat them. I see it as an assertion of human agency against the supposed overwhelming forces beyond.

    • Yeah, still don’t buy it. If it’s real which is a big *if* it is about a scene-stealing power gamer showing up to “prove a point” and make the game about him. You can have a bad GM and find ways to deal with them that don’t involve this level of obnoxiousness. It’s a petty move and while it makes for exciting internet lore, I find it personally off putting.

  2. The Old Man Henderson story was amazing, though, so if the point was for those involved (and those hearing the story) to enjoy it, I’d call that a massive, fully-rounded success, based on the other players of the session chiming in. The only one who was /maybe/ not having fun with the antics involved was the GM, and only because his story kept getting exploded.

    (And also the players were the ones who were buying the food. When Henderson was conceived, the guy playing him ordered chinese.)

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