On Fanboying – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann and John Flickinger discuss fanboying, what it means, and their thoughts on it.

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  1. Fine points, Chris and John. I was kind of hoping you’d mention “Man of Steel” isn’t a good movie, either, nor a good interpretation of Superman, mainly because of the crazy fanboy on here who somehow finds every single disparaging remark about it and screams, “LET IT GOOOOOO!”

    • Well.. as for that NC and Angry Joe made best commentary possible in they shared review. Yes, it isn’t that good movie but also many complains are simply unjustified or shippable and from technical point of view it was good representation of modern Superman. You can acknowledge it mistakes and still see it as good Superman movie, or if you don’t care see it simply as flowed movie.

      This isn’t this same as pure denial of all flaws like in case of Evangelin or New SW Trilogy fanboys. Commonly in pair with opposite denial of good decisions like in case of new Star Trek or Man of Still what also is fanboying.

  2. Great to see Chris and Flickinger together in person and is it me or does Flickinger kinda remind me of The Rock?

  3. Good analysis, guys.

    I also feel that there’s a dark side of fanboying, where excessive fidelity is demanded at the expensive of logic. Every time the “look” of a new Marvel hero is released, you get a bunch of idiots insisting that it will be awful because the person isn’t wearing one-colored spandex (like the new Black Panther costume).

    Sadly, I’ve noticed what Flickinger points out about people not realizing that there is no correlation between quality and likability. That’s what is the problem with a lot of “Fifty Shades”-type fans — they think that because they like it, they must think it’s good. There are movies and TV shows like “Plan 9 From Outer Space” that I enjoy greatly, but I know they are wretched.

    It’s also interesting how quality is relative sometimes depending on whether you ARE a fanboy. One of my classes had an in-depth discussion of “Iron Man 3,” and there was a clear division in terms of quality assessment — the people who had read comics said they thought it sucked because it had changed stuff from the comics and didn’t have enough “Iron Man” stuff, and people who DIDN’T read comics thought it was brilliant because it was a character study and had twists. The things that one side hated were what the other side liked.

    • Taillight fans (what are relevant as Fifty Shades is Twilight fanfic) are separate problem as they are typically moral garbage without much intelligence on the first place. That why I would exclude them from this debate.

  4. Fanboying has its proper place, in my opinion. For example, if a movie is bad and you know it but you still love it due to fanboying a movie, I think that’s fine. Another exception is if you understand that other people hate the movie but you love it, that’s fine, too. For example, I’m one of the only people in the world who loves the Halle Berry Catwoman movie. I like the soundtrack, the backstory, the outfit, and I love cats. If fanboying brings you joy, I say why not. Catwoman makes me happy. I think that movie studios need to make 50% stupid fun movies and 50% smart movies. Although, hype CAN ruin a movie. I agree with you on that.

    • No fanboying never is good.. fanboying is simply denial of facts. You have right to like something what is flawed and that isn’t fanboying.. being a fan and fanboy are two different things.

      • Ok, I mention even relevant example: I like Amazing Spiderman.. I’m aware that it have weak plot and many BS but overall feel was good and it at least not be cheesy and address many previously ignored stuff what help. As a fan I can like it despite a flaws. But if I would be a fanboy I would claim that Amazing Spiderman 2 was good, because I liked previous one and so I would denied obvious fact that it was straight garbage.

  5. Man I agree with so much of what your saying but giving dark knight rises a pass despite admiting it had its flaws but bashing on the amazing spiderman for its flaws? *facepalm*


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