Once Upon a Timing Podcast – S5E4 – Shark Jumping

In this latest episode of OUATiming, Beth & Abbey chat about Emma’s dreamcatchers, Hook’s proud papa mode and why Charming is the worst liar ever. They also make lots of sword innuendo jokes.

About SharkJumping

Hosts Tim & Beth break down the best, worst and strangest TV shows to find out when they jumped the shark.


  1. Yeah the magic sands it’s becoming kind of a hand wave explanation – the whole “Fix what’s broken” is so vague they can apply it to anything.

    While I don’t like what Once does for it’s antagonists – making villians heroes and making heroes villians – I think I have an answer for Arthur’s motivation.

    Messiah/Saviour Complex.
    He is Merlin’s prophised chosen one; who will pull the sword from the stone and the one true king of Camelot.
    Which he is… but with a broken sword and broken kingdom.
    Rather than Emma, who refused her destiny, Arthur embraced his. But despite that, he’s really gotten nothing out of it. So there could be some internal conflict questioning himself, whether he’s done something wrong etc. It’s the pressure of that someone who’s known most of their life that they’ve had this greatness
    So him wanting to kill Merlin represents his resentment of having this heavy burden over him

  2. I think it was five years before the NEW curse. The curse where they were back with Emma gotten dark. I hope that makes sense. ^^

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