ONE HIT WONDERLAND: Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Nine Days

Admit it, the first line of this song instantly started playing in your head, didn’t it?

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  1. I can tell I grew up watching The Simpsons constantly, because as soon as he called Nine Days “competent” I immediately thought of Don Brewer from Grand Funk Railroad.

  2. That was a half-second pause

  3. Steve the Pocket

    Even the name itself sounds like a Christian band, because it’s the kind of random phrase that could only be a reference to something, and the Bible is full of random-sounding phrases that people find meaningful enough to reference. Except that it’s probably not a Biblical reference. “Six Days” or “Forty Days”, those are things you name your Christian band, but nine? Nothing comes to mind, and I know some pretty obscure Bible stories.

  4. the band was so forgettable i used to think the song was by 3 doors down

  5. No video anymore? im guessing Todd didnt survive the Blip shutdown

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